Teeth Whitening in Turkey- Quality & Cost Effectiveness

Want a more attractive and brighter smile? Then the easiest method to accomplish this may be to whiten your teeth. And Turkey is the best place to get it done at an affordable cost.

By Pankaj Kamble

Updated on 13th, Aug'22

Do you want whiter teeth at an affordable price and in a short period?

Well, Turkey is a hub for all sorts of dental procedures, and in this article we have provided abundantly detailed information on Teeth whitening in Turkey.


Teeth whitening is a simple and quick process, and rates are reasonably affordable compared to Europe. Teeth whitening or, with its professional term, dental bleaching or dental whitening can be a life-changer procedure. Many individuals are scared to express their smiles. Teeth whitening could be an option for this problem.


Tooth whitening can be an extremely efficient method of lightening your teeth' natural colour without removing any of the tooth's surfaces. It cannot completely change the colour but lighten the existing tone.


Teeth whitening is a healthy, life-enhancing procedure that can improve your physical look as well as your psychological health. The following are four advantages of teeth whitening: Teeth whitening increases your self-esteem, improves your appearance, reduces the looks of wrinkles, and the cost of teeth whitening in Turkey is not expensive; instead, it is very affordable.


What are the teeth whitening treatments available in Turkey?

There are four well-known treatments for teeth whitening:

  • Home Tooth Whitening - In the instance of at-home tooth whitening, measurements are collected from the patient's mouth in accordance with the dentist's recommendations, and bleaching plates are prepared. After that, the patient inserts the bleaching plate into their mouth and keeps it there for four to six hours every day. This treatment typically lasts two to three weeks.

If the recommended amount of gel is exceeded, the gel will spill and cause harm to the gums. If this occurs, the gel should be removed immediately from the gums, and the patient must immediately notify their doctor.

  • Teeth Whitening in the Office (Laser Teeth Whitening) - A skilled dental physician performs the In-Office Teeth Whitening procedure at the facility. Before administering a whitening gel to the tooth, the dentist will first clean the surface of the teeth. This will then be triggered using UV light technology. This operation takes roughly one hour to complete. Alternatively, in Laser Teeth Whitening, a laser is utilised to activate the whitening gel, significantly shortening the treatment period.
  • Combination Home and In-Office Teeth Whitening - This procedure combines the two treatments previously discussed, with In-Office Tooth Whitening supplemented with Home Whitening. The treatment at home will take only two or three days. On the other hand, three to four weeks is the expected duration of an in-office teeth whitening procedure.
  • Single Teeth Whitening - This method of treatment, also known as "Dermocatalytic Bleaching" or "Walking Bleaching," is used to bleach the inner of a single tooth. After removing the old filling, the whitening gel is inserted into the cavity, and a temporary filling is utilised to secure the whitening gel in place. This process will be done multiple times until the desired level of whitening is reached.


How much is teeth whitening in Turkey?

If you require Teeth Whitening, Turkey may be an option to consider. The cost of the teeth whitening in Turkey is around from $150 to $300. The ultimate price is determined by the difficulty of the procedure, the facility and doctor chosen, the materials and equipment required, and the duration of treatment.

The following table compares the cost of the teeth whitening in Turkey to those in other countries:


HomeTeeth whitening$100-$250$450-$850$500-800$450-$650$650-$950
 In-Office Teeth Whitening$150-$350$400-$900$400-$1000$250-$500$400-$800


Why are teeth whitening cheaper in Turkey?

Patients who travel to Turkey for dental treatment can save a large amount of money. Prices in Turkey are very cheap compared to other parts of Europe, America, and Australia. The majority of patients may be confused as to why this is the case. Lower levels of service quality frequently accompany lower prices for dental care. Fortunately, this is not the situation in Turkey, which complies with European Union standards and provides only quality services.


Among the many reasons teeth whitening in Turkey is more economical for patients from developed countries is the lower costs of materials and labor. Clinic operational costs are low, there is a currency exchange advantage, traveling to Turkey is less expensive, and there are no additional fees for clinics.


Which Are The Best Places For teeth whitening in Turkey?

Turkey's best hospitals and dental clinics are located in famous cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir. Teeth whitening treatments are available in a variety of forms. Depending on the sort of treatment you receive and the frequency of your sessions, your treatment will take between one and two visits. Your dentist will discuss your treatment strategy in greater detail based on your unique circumstances.



Clinic NameAll on Dental ClinicDental ClinicDentaglobal Dental Clinic
AddressBeyoglu, IstanbulMuratpasa, AntalyaBayrakli, Izmir,
Cost$ 150- $ 250$ 200 – $ 300$ 100 – $ 200


There are various best hospitals in Turkey that give high-quality teeth-whitening treatments. The majority of them are located in Istanbul, and some of the hospitals are Medical Park Group, Acibadem Hospitals, Medipol University Hospital, and other facilities.

After knowing about the best Medical facilities in the major cities of Turkey, you can also visit our page of top dentists in Istanbul.


Why should you get teeth whitening in Turkey?

If you are traveling to Turkey, you may want to consider getting your teeth whitening because of these reasons. Prices are extremely competitive, and the country boasts one of the world's finest price-to-performance ratios when it comes to any medical care, including surgery.

According to the rules of the European Union, dental clinics in Europe are entitled to use a whitening gel containing a maximum of 6 percent strength Hydrogen Peroxide, which has a minor impact on the coloration of your teeth on a regular basis. For the best results, the  dental clinics in Turkey utilise a 25 % to 40 percent substance. Also. 

  • Turkey has a lot of unique history, culture, shopping, and beaches, which is why a large number of dental patients choose to extend their dental visits and make the most of their stay in the country.
  • The excellent level of dental care given and the wide range of services offered.
  • There is no waiting list, and surgery is offered immediately if it needs. The patient's safety is the number one priority for all of the people who were involved. 
  • Turkey is constantly growing due to its tremendous investments in healthcare sector & reasonably priced treatments. Here you can also visit our page to find a detailed list of other dental clinics in Turkey and for a broader list of doctors for other treatments, you can also refer our list of turkish doctors.


Is teeth whitening safe in Turkey?

Based on centuries of research, all professional and over-the-counter tooth whitening methods are safe and effective in Turkey. 


Avoid excessive whitening product use or the use of high-concentration whitening gels at home. This can increase sensitivity, inflammation of the gums, or erosion of the enamel. However, the critical component in ensuring safety is performing the procedure properly and following your dentist's instructions. 


Most home teeth whitening products contain between 5% to 10% hydrogen peroxide or 35% carbamide peroxide. These are considered to be safe treatments. They are used for 10 to 30 minutes daily for several days. 


In-office treatments in Turkey contain 25 to 40% hydrogen peroxide and are more effective because they remain on your teeth for a shorter period of time. These procedures are performed by a dentist and are only required every six to twelve months.


What is the difference between laser teeth whitening and bleaching?

The terms bleaching and teeth whitening are frequently used similarly, but there is a distinction. While whitening is a generic term, bleaching is a subtype of whitening. Teeth can be whitened physically by eliminating superficial stains with toothpaste or prophy paste or chemically by bleaching treatments that use chemicals to penetrate enamel and dentine.


Laser teeth whitening is a process that can only be performed in a dentist's clinic and is the most expensive way of whitening. This process utilises a powerful bleaching gel that is activated and enhanced by the laser for spectacular effects in a short amount of time. Each tooth is treated with bleach, and the heat generated by the laser increases its effectiveness while also expediting the procedure.

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