11 Reasons to get Dental Veneers

If you are confused about whether or not you should go for a Veneers Dental Treatment, then here are the 10 reasons why you should opt for Dental Veneers Treatment.

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By Ezaz Rahaman

Updated on 24th, June'23

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Porcelain veneers are also known as dental veneers. They are the thin layers of porcelain which is designed to cover the front part of your teeth. To improve the smile these veneers turn as wafer i.e. thin and customized shells of the tooth which helps the teeth to turn white in color.


When can you opt for dental veneers?

Dental veneers are addressed to the following dental problems:-

  • Due to root canal treatment or by stains from drugs or tetracycline there is a change in color of teethes. Excessive fluoride or the presence of large resin fillings or saying in a nutshell dental veneers take care of discoloration of your teeth.
  • Worn out teeth
  • Cracked or destroyed teeth
  • Teeth budget at the corners or any uneven teeth
  • Filling up the gaps in between


Mentioned below are 10 benefits of using dental veneers.

  1. Natural looks :
    They are the thin layers of porcelain which is designed to cover the front part of your teeth. As the appearance of dentures is very shabby sometimes veneers are not so bulky or over the top. Veneers are made up of materials that reflect light just like your natural teeth, hence making it difficult to distinguish it from the real teeth.
  2. Long-lasting :
    If the veneers are taken care of or kept under maintenance it can last longer up to many years. If veneers are tied up properly with the healthier teeth. They may get even stronger while increasing its durability as well.
  3. Color:
    If a particular person is having a slightly off-white color of his teeth then that can be matched up with veneers. It can be done with one or with all the teeth as per the patient’s request.
  4. Less time-consuming:
    Veneers take very little time to fix within the teeth like an hour. Moreover, it is equally important to note that it might take a week or more time to prepare or to design the veneers.
  5. Takes care of multiple flaws:
    This might be the biggest advantage for the veneer user. All the cosmetic flaws such as gaps between teeth, discoloration, cracked teethes, all are corrected with veneers. To a certain extent, veneers are designed to change the shape and size of the teethes. Thus, it gives a great smile to the face.
  6. Less destructive:
    Unlike other dental cosmetic procedures such as a full crown, veneers require the removal of less of the tooth before fixing it. Thus, there are fewer chances of it affecting the nerves inside the teeth. This also lowers the risk of increased dental sensitivity.
  7. Less Maintenance:
    Veneers can be considered to be a permanent cosmetic procedure that hardly requires any maintenance. Porcelain or resin used in veneers can be easily cleaned with daily brushing, flossing, and mouthwash. You may probably not even know the difference between your natural teeth and veneers once you get used to it.
  8. Less recovery time:
    An expert dentist is required for undergoing the dental veneer procedure so as it does not any recovery or period of adjustment compared to other procedures. You resume your day-to-day activities immediately after getting the veneers bonded to your teeth. Also, it is hassle-free, and not many restrictions on food or aftercare would be needed. You will be free to eat whatever you like and smile a lot without needing much care and attention.
  9. Resistant to stains:
    This will bring a smile on coffee and wine drinkers. Porcelain and resin materials used in making the veneers are also tested to resist staining of any kind. Yet another reason for you to get veneers fixed to your teeth.
  10. Restores Function:
    Dental veneers are just a cosmetic procedure where a dentist can make a chipped or fractured tooth stronger. It may not be as good as the normal teeth, but it allows the veneers teeth to work normally.
  11. Less Cost:
    Dental veneers are cheaper option as compared to other dental implants procedures such as dental implant. The dental implant cost in India is approximately Rs. 30000 to Rs. 50000 whereas veneers cost is approximately Rs. 8000 to Rs. 15000.


What is the recovery time after veneer procedure?

Dental veneers are an excellent cosmetic procedure that provides a smile to your face which you deserve. It neither requires much recovery time nor does it need much maintenance like other procedures. So, watch out for the dental veneers procedure that addresses several answers to your leading questions.

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