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Best Kidney Transplant Hospitals in Noida

Metro Multispeciality Hospital

Metro Multispeciality Hospital

Sector 11, Noida

1.0/5 (1 reviews)

33 Doctors
207 Beds
3 Ambulances


  • Well equipped unit with a dedicated team of skilled consultants and paramedical staff
  • Provides services such as hemodialysis, Peritoneal dialysis, and Continuous ambulatory dialysis (CAPD)
  • Offers modern Operation Theaters with all monitoring equipment, sophisticated barrier nursing, and Renal Intensive Unit for emergency
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Fortis Hospital Noida

Fortis Hospital Noida

Sector 62, Noida

50 Doctors
200 Beds
2 Ambulances


  • Provides with facilities that are engineered to deliver successful outcomes even in ABO-incompatible transplants
  • Offers advanced diagnostics, comprehensive pre-operative evaluation and dialysis support, and complete post-operative care
  • Services such as peritoneal, nocturnal dialysis, hemodialysis, SCED & CRRT are provided to both children and adults
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Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals

Sector 26, Noida

63 Doctors
700 Beds
7 Ambulances


  • Fully equipped with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic facilities like Ultrasound, Doppler, IVP
  • Offers treatment options for hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, hemofiltration, hemodiafiltration, and renal transplantation
  • Has excellent interdepartmental cooperation from the Departments of Anaesthesia, Cardiology, Pathology, Immunology, Radiology, and Interventional Radiology
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Jaypee Hospital

Jaypee Hospital

Sector 128, Noida

52 Doctors
1200 Beds
6 Ambulances


  • Offers evidence-based successful surgical methods to treat patients with kidney failure and associated complications 
  • Has expertise with living donor transplants, the fast-track recovery processes, and comprehensive care
  • Offers Kidney transplants such as Living Donor, Deceased Donor, Pediatric, Lap Donor Nephrectomy, and ABO Incompatible
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30 Doctors
340 Beds
5 Ambulances


  • Accredited with National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH)  
  • Fully equipped with an advanced facility to address a wide range of urological diseases and conditions
  • Follows a multidisciplinary approach to provide the best Kidney Transplant to patients
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Manas Hospital

Manas Hospital

Sector 34, Noida

10 Doctors
82 Beds
1 Ambulance


  • Has a fully equipped Hemodialysis Unit with 4 latest states of art machines & 6 ICU units facility and is ISO accredited
  • Offers services like Hemodialysis, Foemoral Line, Jugular Line, Fistula, Emergency Management of CKD Patients
  • Provides emergency dialysis round the clock and separate dedicated machines for critically ill patients
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Prayag Hospital

Prayag Hospital

Sector 41, Noida

3 Doctors
35 Beds
4 Ambulances

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Questions & Answers on "Kidney Transplant" (4)

Please help me, my father is scheduled to have a kidney transplant next week. Is there any chance of failure in this procedure? And if yes, then what happens next?

Transplant it is a super major surgery. Any kind of transplant has its complications, and graft rejection is one of them. There are many other complications associated with the kidney transplant therefore transplant needs a multidisciplinary approach and a team of experts to deal with such patients.


Consultant kidney transplant doctors as they will be in a better position to guide you accordingly, because everything depends on patients age, his condition associated comorbidities, the match of the graft and many other factors. Consult a transplant specialist for guidance. Hope our answer helps you.

Answered on 10th June '23

Dr. Babita Goel

Dr. Babita Goel

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