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Asked on 20th Aug, 2022

Doctor told me my liver is damaged and that I have hepatitis b. For 2 years I took his medicine but doctor told me about hepatitis b recovery and still me to take medicine for the life time and my liver report turned out to be bad. Since last 2 month I have had heavy stomach pain.

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Dr. Gaurav Gupta

Surgical Gastroenterology

9 years of experience

Answered on 3rd December 2021

We advise you to not discontinue any treatment course on your own, especially that related to antivirals for hepatitis B. Hepatitis B treatment can also be life-long in some cases.

We recommend you to see a liver specialist, then discuss all available options, as well as their risk/side effects/patients eligibility/pre-operative measures/tips to deal with side effects as well as your health conditions & family hisotry, and then allow the specialist to tailor your treatment for you.

You can use this page to find specialists - Hepatologists in Mumbai. And reach out to me, any specialist working in the relevant field, or clinicspots team if you have any other doubt.


Also let clinicspots know if your city requirements are different, take care.

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