Hi, I have type 4 baldness and in the next 3 months, my marriage is fixed. Which is the best treatment for transplantation or PRP?

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Hello, As you have mentioned that you have type 4 baldness, hair transplant is the solution. But we advise you not to undergo a hair transplant at this stage because for performing the procedure your head will be shaved, after the surgery within a month the transplanted hair will fall off and it will take 3 months for the hair to start growing naturally. It takes 12 months for the hair to grow fully. We would suggest that you visit the trichologist and find some temporary solution for your baldness problem. You can undergo the hair transplant treatment after your marriage. Hope our answer helps you. For trichologist you can refer our page: Trichologists in Mumbai. And for Hair transplant specialist you can refer this page - Hair Transplant in Mumbai. Let us know if your city is different or if you have any other concern that is bugging you.