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Asked on 20th Aug, 2022

I am facing hair fall issue and growing hair on chin, I have thyroid is it because of that? I want to take consultation and treatment for the same.

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Dr. Pranjal Ninave


2 years of experience

Answered on 13th January 2023

Yes, you may be having hair fall issue because of thyroid. Take proper medication for thyroid and hair fall. There are various Homoeopathic medicines for the same.

Samruddhi Bhartiya

Member of team ClinicSpots.

Answered on 3rd February 2022

Thyroid disorder is definitely linked with hair growth that you find on chin, but hair fall could have other reasons too. However, it's better to consult an endocrinologist first, so that you can adapt better ways to manage thyroid, and if you continue to face hair fall issues even after your hormones become stable, then you can consider seeing a dermatologist.

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