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Which treatment is better for ED and PE: Duraplus or Tadaflo?

I have ED and PE based on past experience so I consult urologist he gave duraplus 10/30 for 30 days every night currently I am not in sexual activity and I said this to doctor also then I gone to another urologist for 2nd opinion he gave tadaflo 5 for 30 days every night and duralast while having intercourse i also told this doctor that I am not in sexual activity, so please suggest me which approach is good

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Dr. Neeta Verma


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Answered on 20th Feb '24

Both Duraplus and Tadalafil are drugs used for erectile dysfunction treatment. Duraplus is compounded by Vardenafil and Dapoxetine, and Tadaflo by Tadalafil. The medication is dependent on some factors, which include age, medical history, and other medical conditions. I would recommend you to see a urologist who is well-versed in erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan for your condition.

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