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Why is there blood in my stool?

I wanted to ask why is there blood in my stool? I have had some blood in my poop before because of hemorrhoids, but I'm concerned now because this time it was more than just blood on the toilet paper, it was also on the toilet water and in the stool. When I did try to poop, it was hard and some part was sharp too, which is making me think that it was because of that, but I googled why and it made me overthink that I might have a serious problem.

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Dr. Samrat Jankar

Surgical Gastroenterologist

12 years of experience

Answered on 2nd Apr '24

Blood in stool can be caused by different causes like hemorrhoids, anal fissures, inflammatory bowel disease, infections, polyps. But, since there is also blood in the toilet water, so it will be prescient to consult a gastroenterologist immediately. They can do the physical examination, suggest tests, and give the required treatment.

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