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5 Government Eye Hospital Bangalore

Government Eye Hospitals Bangalore is a Premier eye care institution providing top-quality treatments and surgeries for all eye conditions.

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By Sakshi More 8th Jan '24 14th Apr '24
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Government Eye Hospital Bangalore stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking affordable eye care. They blend traditional compassion with modern medical advancements. Known for their exemplary services in ophthalmology, these hospitals cater to a wide range of eye-related diseases. With a team of dedicated specialists and state-of-the-art technology, these hospitals provide comprehensive care from diagnosis to treatment. They are not only centers for healing but also hubs for ophthalmic research and education. Their commitment to affordable eye care makes them a preferred choice for the community in Bangalore.

Let’s explore the list of the best eye government hospitals in Bangalore. Read further!

1. Minto Ophthalmic Hospital in Bangalore

Minto Ophthalmic Hospital

Address: Chamrajpet, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Establishment year: 1896

Bed Count: 300 beds

  • Specialties: Minto Ophthalmic Hospital is known for its comprehensive eye care services. It is one of the oldest speciality eye hospitals, established in 1896. The hospital offers various advanced treatments, including LASIK Laser Eye Surgery and Squint Eye Surgery, at different rates depending on the type of ward. It has facilities for treating a wide range of eye-related diseases and conditions.
  • Other Services Available: The hospital provides services at subsidized rates to the poor and needy people of Karnataka and its neighbouring states. It is a significant center for training ophthalmologists. It has the biggest pediatric ophthalmology unit in Karnataka. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospital was actively involved in handling Mucormycosis (black fungus) cases.
  • Special Features or Services, Special Equipment: The hospital is equipped with specialized clinics for various ophthalmic conditions, including a Glaucoma clinic and a Vitreo-retinal and uvea clinic. It has a significant history and is a tertiary referral center.

2. Padmabhushan Dr. M.C. Modi Eye Hospital 

Padmabhushan Dr. M.C. Modi Eye Hospital

Establishment year : 1980

Address: Dr. M.C. Modi Road, Mahalakshmipuram Layout, Bangalore, Karnataka, PIN Code 560086, India.

  • Specialties:
  1. The hospital specializes in ophthalmology with a team of skilled ophthalmologists.
  2. Padmabhushan Dr. M.C. Modi Eye Hospital is recognized for providing general eye care and seven subspecialty services. It is known for attracting patients not just from Karnataka but from outside the state as well. The hospital offers a range of ophthalmology services including imaging of the eye, a glaucoma clinic, an orthoptic routine outpatient department, and major operation theatre facilities.
  • Other Services: 

Besides eye care, the hospital also has departments for diabetology and anesthesiology.

3.Retina Institute of Karnataka

Retina Institute of Karnataka

Establishment year : 1996

Address: 122, 5th Main Road, Chamrajpet, Bangalore 560018.

  • Specialties: The hospital is equipped with advanced technology and world-class infrastructure for treating Retina Eye complications. They offer state-of-the-art technologies for promising Retina Treatment options. The hospital has a mission to provide patients with the best comprehensive and integral ophthalmic service and vitreoretinal care. The Retina Institute of Karnataka specializes in various aspects of ophthalmology, with a focus on retina-related conditions. Their services include:
  1. Comprehensive Ophthalmic Services
  2. Medical and Surgical Retina
  3. Cataract
  4. Glaucoma
  5. Lasik
  6. Pediatric Ophthalmology
  7. Uvea
  8. Strabismus

4. Sankara Eye Hospital

Sankara Eye Hospital

Establishment year: May 1977

Address: Varthur Main Road, Marthahalli, Kundalahalli Gate, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560037.

  • Sankara Eye Hospital has a history of significantly contributing to eye care, including performing over 1.8 million free eye surgeries. Sankara Eye Hospital announced its recent win of the prestigious IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award.
    Specialties: The hospital is equipped with facilities for Diode & YAG laser therapy, ICG & angiography, electro-retinography, visual fields, and corneal topography. It offers CSR activities like free eye surgeries.

Sankara Eye Hospital is NABH accredited. It offers a range of ophthalmology services, including:

  1. Cataract & IOL Clinic
  2. Cornea & External Eye Disease
  3. Glaucoma Services
  4. Femtosecond Lasik
  5. Vitreoretinal Services
  6. Pediatric Ophthalmology
  7. Uvea Service
  8. Vision Enhancement & Rehabilitation Services
  9. Neuro Vision Rehabilitation
  • Other Facilities:

Day Care Surgical Lounge

Contact Lens Clinic

Computer Vision Clinic



5. Shekar Eye Hospital

Shekar Eye Hospital

Establishment year : 1999

Address: #633, 100 Feet Ring Road, J.P. Nagar – 3rd Phase, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India – 560078.

  • Specialties: The hospital specializes in a comprehensive range of ophthalmic services. Key areas include Cataract Treatment, LASIK and refractive Surgery, Glaucoma Treatment, Diabetic Eye Care, Squint Treatment, Oculoplasty, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Cornea Services, Retina Services, and Vitrectomy Surgery.
  • Special Features of Eye Treatment Facilities:
  1. Shekar Eye Hospital is known for its advanced treatment facilities in eye care.
  2. It offers state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic services in various subspecialties of ophthalmology.
  3. The hospital is equipped with modern technologies for LASIK and refractive surgery, which are key in correcting vision problems.
  4. They employ advanced techniques and equipment for cataract surgery, ensuring high success rates and patient satisfaction.
  5. The hospital's retina services and vitreoretinal surgery are notable for their precision and effectiveness in treating complex retinal diseases.
  • Other Services Available:
  1. Apart from the primary eye care services, Shekar Eye Hospital provides additional facilities such as AGILUS Diagnostics and Optical Services by Ben Franklin. 
  2. The hospital also houses the Vasudeva Murthy Memorial Eye Bank, which contributes significantly to eye donation and corneal transplant needs. It offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for a wide range of eye conditions, ensuring holistic eye care.
  3. Shekar Eye Hospital is recognized for its comprehensive facilities and patient-centered approach. They use cutting-edge technology in various eye treatments and surgeries, ensuring high standards of care. Their dedication to using the latest medical equipment and techniques places them among the top choices for eye care in Bangalore.

How to Choose a Government Eye Hospital in Bangalore?

To choose the best facility for you, you can consider these factors:

  • Location: Opt for a hospital conveniently situated for your accessibility.
  • Specialization: Confirm that the hospital offers the specific medical expertise you require for eye care.
  • Reputation: Prioritize hospitals with a commendable track record in delivering quality healthcare services.
  • Facilities: Assess the presence of modern equipment and advanced facilities crucial for eye treatments.
  • Bed Availability: Ensure the hospital has sufficient beds to cater to patient care requirements.
  • Qualified Staff: Look for hospitals that boast skilled and experienced eye specialists and medical professionals.
  • Accessibility: Choose a hospital that is easily reachable, particularly in emergencies.
  • Government Recognition: Verify that the hospital holds official recognition as a government institution.
  • Services: Explore additional services beyond basic medical care that the hospital may provide.
  • Patient Feedback: Consider the experiences of others who have received care at the hospital.
  • Cost: Government eye hospitals often offer cost-effective options for various eye treatments.
  • Appointment: Evaluate the convenience of the appointment scheduling process.
  • Waiting Times: Check the average waiting times for different services to plan your visit accordingly.
  • Support Services: Assess the availability of support services such as ambulance, pharmacy, lab services, and more.

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Question and Answers

can you take mdma after having lasik eye surgery

Female | 20

Using MDMA after LASIK is risky because it can cause high eye pressure, blurred vision, and light sensitivity, which are all hazardous for your healing post-operative eyes. Therefore it is critical to shield them during this time and abstain from substances like ecstasy that might hurt them.

Answered on 31st May '24

Dr. Sumeet Agrawal

Dr. Sumeet Agrawal

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