Painless knee-replacement in India

Here is all the information you need to know about painless knee replacement (Minimally Invasive Surgery) in India.

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By Ezaz Rahaman

Updated on 28th, July'23

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First, let’s know the symptoms of knee replacement,

  • Pain: The most noticeable symptom of knee osteoarthritis is pain. It gradually increases with time if proper treatment Is not provided. It is worsened by weight-bearing and activity.
  • Stiffness: In certain types of arthritis there is morning stiffness of the knee. It may improve with the day. Rheumatoid arthritis patients may experience more frequent morning stiffness than patients with osteoarthritis.
  • Warmth and swelling: People suffering from arthritis will sometimes notice these symptoms. If the patient is suffering from severe pain, inability to bend the knee, and difficulty with weight-bearing, these are the signs which represent an infection. These symptoms require urgent medical attention.


Don’t get worried about the post-operative pain. Get a painless knee-replacement surgery in India. More than millions of knee replacement surgery are performed in India every year and the success rate is over 94%. If the surgery is managed poorly, the pain can be worrisome. If we see less pain is experienced by the patients according to various research and can return home in a day or two. There are two objectives of postoperative analgesia (a medication that helps to relieve pain) humanitarian pain relief and early discharge.


As there is a great advancement in medical technology, knee surgery is possible to `perform with minimum invasive techniques, where patients can get painless surgery.


Minimally Invasive Surgery Technique: It is used when the muscles around the joints are NOT cut. The surgery is painless, with quick recovery as the patients begin to walk within 3-6 hours after the surgery. This approach doesn’t incite inflammation as much as the conventional technique. The main plus point in this is that the patient can be discharged within 3-4 days of the treatment. In this technique, the cut Is less and as such the blood loss is also minimum, hence no blood transfusion is required. There is no need for antibiotics.


Unique techniques: In it, the surgery is done WITHOUT the use of Tourniquet, Cautery, Suction, Drain.


Now you can reach the Best Orthopedic Doctor in India for a painless knee replacement and that is possible with the help of Clinicspots. The largest joint of the body is the knee and is the easiest to hurt. ClinicSpots is famous for giving you expert advice on every problem related to knee pain and painless knee replacement surgery in India. Under it has many good hospitals recommended for knee-replacement surgery.


Efficient utilization of customized instruments, innovative imaging techniques, etc., many procedures here result in less blood loss, less pain. It has a list of the most qualified hospitals in the country. The Greatest opportunity Is provided to the patients to get treated with the best expertise and best treatment.

It would be preferable if there were alternatives to surgery; for example, before undergoing surgery, one may seek Ayurvedic treatment for knee pain.

Reasons why surgery is needed?

  • Osteoarthritis– It’s the main reason why people go for surgery.
  • Rheumatoid arthritisIt occurs when the immune system of the body attacks and damages the position of the knee.
  • Deformities– People with bowed legs go for surgery to restore the position of the knee.
  • Knee injuries– If the bones or ligaments around the knee are broken or torn at times it results in arthritis which causes excess pain and limits the daily activities of the person.
  • Loss of blood flow– Surgery will be recommended by the doctors if blood stops flowing to the bones.


On our interactive Q&A platform we have tried to answer all questions pertaining to knee replacement surgery, be it doubts surrounding age, procedure, or any basic and/or complicated query. Reach out to us if you have any unresolved query!

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