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What is the Cost of Hair Transplant in Hyderabad?

Lowest Cost (approx) $261

Average Cost (approx) $1506

Highest Cost (approx) $2752

  • Treatment Type : Follicular Unit Extraction
  • Treatment Time : 2-4 Hours per session
  • Recovery Time : Next Day
  • Hospitalization Days : Same Day Discharge
  • Success Rate : 90 - 95%
  • Chances of Recurrence : Low

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Are you looking for the cost of hair transplant in Hyderabad? Here you will get to know the hair transplant treatment cost in Hyderabad. Cost range considers all the different hair transplant techniques such as FUT, FUE and Robotic.


Cost in Top Cities

Cities Min Avg Max
Delhi $271 $1466 $2661
Ahmedabad $259 $1490 $2721
Bangalore $268 $1555 $2842
Mumbai $273 $1617 $3024
Pune $266 $1539 $2812
Chennai $264 $1523 $2782
Hyderabad $261 $1506 $2752
Kolkata $256 $1474 $2691
Bhubaneswar $250 $1451 $2661

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The cost of hair transplant in Hyderabad is approximately around Rs. 23,664 - Rs. 2,51,466 ($297 to $3,156) Whereas in the other parts of the world like Dubai, London, Toronto and Turkey the cost is between $2,500 to $30,000. 

The hair transplant cost in India is determined by the number of grafts needed. Each hair graft is made up of one to three follicles. A larger quantity of hair grafts will be required to cover the bald area completely.

This variation of cost of Hair transplant in Hyderabad depends on many factors like the number of grafts and the type of treatment used, clinic’s location, usage of high-end equipment. We will discuss these factors in detail later on in this post.

Hair transplants are performed using a variety of procedures, including FUT, FUE, Robotic, DHI Hair Transplant and PRP hair treatment. We have provided the required information below to give you a comprehensive vision of the cost of each hair transplant process.

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT is a great choice for men suffering from androgenic alopecia or male pattern hair loss. The Follicular Unit Transplant process is less expensive and allows patients to transplant a substantially larger number of grafts to balding areas in a single surgical session. However, after a strip excision procedure, it takes longer to heal. 

FUT Hair Transplant Cost 

Follicular Unit Transplantation is a very affordable hair transplant in Hyderabad, costing roughly Rs. 20 per graft. In high-end clinics, this cost might reach Rs. 40 per graft. However, a FUT hair transplant cost will differ in the various clinics as per the surgeon’s expertise.

Number of graftsMinimum Cost in Rupees (₹)Maximum Cost in Rupees (₹)

FUE Hair Transplant: 

FUE is an advanced hair transplantation technique. In this technique, first, your surgeon will take a single hair graft from the backside of your scalp and transplant it to the affected area where hair starts thinning. In the Follicular Unit Extraction method, grafts are used from other body parts as well where hair growth is thicker like beard and chest. Though Follicular Unit Extraction is a time-consuming hair transplant method, it takes approximately 7 to 10 days to recover. Most people prefer FUE  as it doesn't leave any scars.

FUE Hair Transplant Cost:

Follicular Unit Transplantation is the cheapest hair transplant in Hyderabad, costing roughly Rs. 38 per graft. In high-end clinics, this cost might reach Rs. 75 per graft. However, the cost of an FUE hair transplant will differ in the various clinics as per the surgeon’s expertise.

Number of graftsMinimum Cost in Rupees (₹)Maximum Cost in Rupees (₹)

DHI Hair Implantation

 DHI Hair Transplant, also known as direct hair implantation, is a modified FUE hair transplant technique in which the extraction and implantation operations are done simultaneously. Initially, the grafts are retrieved using micromotor aided punches, similar to FUE transplants. There are no incisions required in the recipient area while using this procedure. A hollow needle called DHI Choi Pen extracts hair follicles from the donor site and places the grafts in the recipient site. DHI Hair Implantation in Hyderabad costs around 2 to 3 Lakhs.

Robotic hair Transplant

Robotic Hair Transplant is the advanced hair transplant technique in the world. In Robotic FUE, follicular units are taken directly from the backside of the scalp utilizing robotic techniques. The number of follicular units or grafts transplanted will determine the length of your surgery. Usually, smaller sessions take one day, but if more follicles are required, it may take two to three consecutive days to complete the entire hair transplant procedure. 

The best part of this method is that making a machine doesn't harm hair follicles and makes the whole procedure fast. In Robotic FUE, extracted grafts are examined under a microscope for their integrity and sorted by the number of hairs they contain. The Robot can precisely create the recipient sites with the correct hair angle without harming the existing natural hair. However, we must not forget that a doctor controls this entire procedure and the implantation of hair will be done by himself. Robotic Hair Transplant in Hyderabad approximately costs between Rs. 60,000 to 1,50,000 for 1000 grafts.

Apart from these, stem cell therapy for hair loss can also be considered an alternative. It can be effective if the above-mentioned treatments are not suitable for the patient.

Hair Transplant Cost for different body parts in Hyderabad:

Cost of Other Hair TransplantsPer Graft CostMinimum-MaximumNumber of Grafts Required (Approximate)
EyebrowRs. 30 to Rs. 50Rs.1,500 to Rs.5,00050 - 100
BeardRs. 45 to Rs. 55Rs.1,350 to Rs.50,00030 - 900
MustacheRs. 35 to Rs. 50Rs.10,200 to Rs.25,000350 - 500
BodyRs. 85 to Rs. 105Rs. 2550 to Rs. 94,50030 - 900

Other Details

What are the factors that influence the cost of Hair Transplant Surgery?

The cost of a hair transplant varies depending on the following factors:

  • Stage of baldness: The cost of a hair transplant is proportional to the volume of hair thinning and the size of the bald area. Smaller bald regions will be less expensive than larger bald areas.
  • Method of Hair Transplant: FUE and FUT are two of the most common and popular hair transplant methods. Both the methods have different advantages and disadvantages. For example, FUE is preferred as it doesn't leave any scar and faster recovery time. Hence preferred in Facial Hair Transplant. However, FUT itself is a faster method, but it has its own drawbacks.
  • Required number of grafts: If your bald area is large, you'll need a lot more grafts to cover it. The number of grafts necessary for each person is determined by different parameters, including the rate of baldness, the required hair density and the hair features.
  • Doctor’s expertise and team: The cost of the operation will be more if you choose the top surgeon with a high level of competence and expertise. The majority of them charge a significant cost for medical consultation. However, it is needless to say the surgeon who has a track record of executing successful operations will deliver flawless results. Furthermore, all the top surgeons work with a highly skilled team.
  • High-end Clinics: Usually, any well-known surgeon charges more than average clinics. But it has been seen that those clinics provide extraordinarily high service levels to their customers, resulting in higher operating costs than normal clinics.
  • Location: The clinic's location, for example, in different cities or in other clinics of the same city, impacts hair transplant surgery. Some clinics provide extra services, use advanced equipment, patients' rooms and provide recovery period. As a result, these benefits increase the cost.

 Apart from these Pre-procedure costs, surgery costs, medical costs, and so on can all affect the cost of hair transplantation.

Disclaimer : The above rates are for reference purpose only and may vary based on different requirements. To know actual rates, please contact us.

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