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Dr. Sanjay Bakhshi's Physioline Pain & Paralysis Centre


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Dr. Sanjay Bakhshi

26 years of experience

International Certification of Hand Robotics of Gloreha Hand Rehabilitation from Italy, Post Graduate Training Certification of Wellengang from Germany, Instructor Training Certification of Wellengang from Germany, Post Graduate Diploma in Mentamove Therapy, MPTh/MPT - Sports Physiotherapy, MPTh/MPT - Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Fellowship of Indian Acupuncture Association, Diploma in Acupuncture, BPTh/BPT

  • Best Physiotherapist Award in 2016.
  • Chief Consultant and Neurorehabilitation at Physioline.
  • Member of Member of Indian Association of Physiotherapists ( M.I.A.P ).
Smilecraft Dental Clinic


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Dr. Nisha Singh

23 years of experience

Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Nutrition, BSc - Dietitics / Nutrition

  • Gold Medal in PGDSSN in 2001.
  • Nutritionist at Private Practice.
  • Member of Indian Dietetic Association.
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Dr. Ashish Gaikwad

20 years of experience

MD- Panchkarma, BAMS

  • National Excellence award from National Institute of Health and Sciences, Mumbai (Maharashtra), India. in 2008.
  • CEO at Ayurvedashish International Spa Academy.
  • Member of Maharashtra Council of Indian Medicine.
Nutrition & Wellness Clinic


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Dr. Geeta Shenoy

33 years of experience

Registered Dietician, Post Graduation Diploma in Dietetics, BSc - Dietitics / Nutrition

  • Registered Dietician in 1992.
  • Nutritionist/Dietician at Nutrition & Wellness Clinic.
  • Member of Indian Dietetic Association.
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Dr. Manoj Gandhi

23 years of experience

Fellowship in Robotic Colorectal Surgery, Fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopic & Pancreatic Surgery- UK, Diploma in Advanced Laparoscopic surgery, DNB - General Surgery, MBBS

  • Dr. P N Berry Scholarship for Advanced Laparoscopic and Pancreatic Surgery Training in UK in 2002.
  • Owner at Dr. Gandhi's Nursing home.
  • Member of Indian Medical Association (IMA).
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Jaslok Hospital


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Aayush G I Care


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Dr. Prasanna Shah

19 years of experience

DNB, MBBS, Research Trainee in the department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Liver Disease Treatment



Gastric Balloon


Prettislim Health Clinic

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Prettislim Health Clinic

Also Available on call

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Dr. Puneet Nayak

19 years of experience

Diploma in Diet and Nutrition, Diploma in Fitness Management, MBBS

  • Best Healthcare Brand Award in 2016.
  • Medical Director at Prettislim Clinic.
  • Member of All India Association Of Advancing Research In Obesity (AIAARO).
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Dr. Deepali Kalbag

20 years of experience

PG Diploma In Clinical Cosmetology (PGDCC), BHMS

  • Best Perfomance Of The August in 2013.
  • Ass Skin Dr. at Pretti Slim.
  • Member of Maharastra Council of Homoeopathy.
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Dr. Jabeen Dhansay

27 years of experience


Nadi Pariksha

Gastritis Treatment


Asha Healthcare


Available till 01:00 PM

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Dr. Tanuja N.shah

13 years of experience

Post Graduate Diploma in Diabetology (PGDD), DNB - Family Medicine, MBBS

  • Best Student in PG in 2010.
  • Consultant Diabetologist at Asha Healthcare, Kandivali west.
  • Member of Indian Medical Association (IMA).
Questions & Answers on "Obesity Specialist" (12)
My mother is suffering from overweight. Can she have a liposuction therapy as she is in her early 50's.

Female | 49

Liposuction or literally ‘sucking out fat’ is a suboptimal therapy for OBESE patients who desire weight loss. Liposuction can be considered as a treatment option for body sculpting, or slightly overweight patients who need to shape their abdomen in a particular manner. However, if one is obese, liposuction will cause a disproportionate loss of fat over the tummy, and leave space for fat re-accumulation in the future.


There are many weight loss options for a proportionate weight loss, eg. diet, exercise, or medications.


The healthier or ‘more natural’ way to lose weight in obese patients (with a BMI of more than 30 kg/m2) is bariatric or metabolic surgery, wherein the stomach is re-sized or bypassed using keyhole surgery. This surgery causes proportionate loss of fat all over the body up to 80% of the excess body weight, over a period of 1-1.5 years. This surgery is a safe and effective option if done by a certified surgeon at a high-volume center.

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Dr. Harsh Sheth

I want loose weight 10 kgs. How is it possible

Female | 31

Currently i have several weight loss patients undergoing acupuncture therapy with great positive results.
What do they take:
Acupuncture therapy
acupressure therapy
home remedies
diet recommendations 
you can connect for tele conversation if you wish to.
take care 
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Dr. Hanisha Ramchandani

I am retired Banker. I gained weight suddenly. Now I'm 85kg. I used to be 74-75 kg. My mother was having artheritise. I want to take precaution. Please help me.

Female | 60

To help you with your weight gain and prevent any further health issues, you must pay attention to your diet and lifestyle. Focus on eating a balanced diet that is low in fat and sugar, and high in fiber. Additionally, aim to get regular physical activity such as walking, jogging, biking, swimming, or any other form of exercise that you enjoy but make sure you don't have any joint issues. Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. It is also important to reduce stress, as it can have a negative impact on your health. Consider activities such as yoga, meditation, reading, or even just taking a few moments away from the day to relax. Finally, make sure to visit your doctor regularly to discuss any further health concerns, or to see if you need any additional advice or help.

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Dr. Harsh Sheth

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