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Asked on 20th Aug, 2022

Hair transplant how long does it last?

Hair transplant how long does it last?


Samruddhi Bhartiya

Member of team ClinicSpots.

Answered on 23rd August 2022

Generally, the transplanted hair will last for your complete life.

Healing post-surgery will take anywhere between 6 to 12 months, and you will witness a lot of shedding in this period. But once you are fully healed, the transplanted follicles begin to fill the balding patches on your scalp. This hair will continue to grow naturally even as you age.

While these hair follicles are permanent, they too have a lifespan like the rest of your hair follicles and will gradually produce less hair than before. Hope this answers your query.


According to the reports released by fortune business insights in 2018, the market size for this surgery stood at 5.94 billion worldwide, and India saw a huge potential for hair transplant surgeries.

Alongside India, even Turkey can be considered a strong contender for hair transplant surgery owing to its affordable prices.


If you are interested in undergoing hair transplant surgery at reasonable prices, then we have a list of various centers spanning across Turkey, reach out to us for further assistance.

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