Hello my son is21 year student . Hisspecks no is 5 . I want to know the best nd latest technology of lasik surgery for specks removal. . In delhi best technology .

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With regards to LASIK surgeries, there are bladeless procedures that utilize femto laser to create the corneal flaps with more precision (than a blade would), and they either have a computerized or a manual tracking system in place, so as to observe the deliverance by lasers.

You also have Excimer Laser which can be used either after blade or Femto laser, so as to correct the spectacle power.

And then there are also surface laser procedures for people with thin corneas.

And you also have contoura vision, which is a more evolved version of lasik eye surgery.
A doctor would help explain these concepts and procedures much better, refer our page to find them - Ophthalmologies in Delhi.


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