Hi I am 20 years old, female. I’ve stretch marks all over my upper body, I’m looking for laser treatment, I just want to how much percentage you have as a result.

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Dr. Newderma Aesthetic  clinic

Dr. Newderma Aesthetic clinic

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upto 70 percent results with laser
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Dr. Chetna Ramchandani

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Strech mark is simply a torn (elastin) collagen fibre under the skin. Usually once a strech mark is always a strech mark. There are treatments like Co2 laser, micro needling RF which help in reduction on the size and lightening of colour, it may improve by 10-20-30 percent but never by 100 percent. Only way to know that treatment will work is by doing it. See your Dermatologist or Plastic surgeon.
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Dr. Ashwani Kumar

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Hi!! You can expect to see a 20-30 percent improvement in appearance with CO2 LASER