Hi, I want to know about Tattoo removal available in clinics. What's the cost and procedure?

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We are aware of 4 clinical treatments to help with regards to aforesaid issue; laser removal, surgical removal, dermabrasion, and creams.
Local anesthesia is injected before proceeding with laser treatment which is spread over 6 to 8 sessions, sometimes more. The pigment colors of tattoos are broken using high intensity light ray.
In surgical removal or excision tattoo removal, your tattooed skin would be cut out and replaced with the bare skin tissues from other organs. It's both effective as well as affordable.
Dermabrasion involves removing layers of your skin to allow ink to ooze out. Efficacy varies, in some cases you are able to get rid of most of the tattoo, while not necessarily in others.
Creams can lighten the tattoo at the but their efficacy is strongly debated against.
You risk getting scarred in all treatments above except for applying creams, and therefore post these treatments you should avoid tight clothes, exposure to sun, and picking on scabs.
The cost varies from 1500-6000 INR per session. We have an updated list of Tattoo Removal doctors in Mumbai, you can refer it or same based on any other city, to get in touch with experts and gain additional information.