Hi, I'm planning to go with the FUT treatment but just tell me how noticeable the scar will be after the procedure?

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Hello, In the initial stage, the visibility of the scar will be more because the head will be completely shaven. Later, when you get your fully grown hair after 12 months, the hair will cover the scar but yes the scar will not be fully covered. We would suggest you undergo FUE hair transplant as it is the most advanced technique today and also a no scar treatment. In FUE, the hair transplant surgeon will extract the hair from the donor area using the neograft tool and will implant the hair grafts with a small needle. FUE might cost you more than FUT treatment but it is a painless treatment, no stitches, no scars and also the recovery is faster. Our blog goes into more depth and details while explaining this procedure - FUT Hair Transplant. Hope our answer helps you. You can also find experts from our page - Hair Transplant Surgery doctors in Bangalore.