I am 28yr old woman. I have lot acne marks on my face. My face is becoming bloated and dull.

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  • Dear ma'am, following medicated treatments should help (you will find them in your nearest drug store, but for stronger concentrated versions of these treatments, or more, you will need clinical prescriptions):
  1. Benozyl peroxide (terminates bacteria responsible for producing acne),
  2. Salicylic acid (for exfoliating),
  3. Retenoids (forbids inflammation as well as pimple formation),
  4. Azelaic acid (anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory),
  5. Topical antibiotics (wards off bacteria and decreases inflammation).
  6. Exercise caution however: They can make your skin more sensitive, but with expert supervision you would know what kind of sunscreen to use, so as to neutralize any side effect, and in how much quantity to utilize, therefore read package instructions and consult a general physician for beginners.
  • Advanced treatments: if OTC drugs and clinical prescriptions dont work, then you can avail advanced options such as laser resurfacing, chemical peel, dermabrasion and microdermabrasion.
  • For more information, you can refer our page to get in touch with experts - Acne Scar Treatment doctors in Delhi, or that of any other city convenient to you.
  • Your basic skincare routine should have following steps:
  1. Begin your daily routine with either a face wash foam or gel which goes with your skin type,
  2. Followed by moisturizer, which is to be applied when the face is still wet, so as to lock the moisture in,
  3. And then a sunscreen of appropriate SPF,
  4. Repeat aforementioned steps at night, just replace sunscreen with a night cream,
  5. For all these products, you need to know what ingredients they contain and what you are supposed to avoid or look for, while buying skin care products.