I am 44 years male I have a mole on my face it's about 4mm in size. I want to remove it permanently. Please guide me with its treatment.

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For mole removal, it is either of the 2 surgeries that a dermatologist will perform:
Surgical excision: entire mole will be cut out and the skin would be stitched closed in certain cases if it is necessary to.
Surgical shave: a surgical blade is used to shave off mole.
In both kind of surgeries, your mole will be examined under a microscope. If cancer cells are found, then your dermatologist will inform you.
This would cost between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 25,000, depending on location of clinic, expertise of doctor, and size or depth of mole. You can connect with experts, through our page - Mole Removal doctors in Mumbai, or that of any other city which you prefer.