I am 48 year male, had UTI symptoms one month ago, I have taken antibiotics, there is a relief but problem still remains, frequency of urination is more than one in an hour,

Asked anonymously on 27th May, 2021 at 10:26 pm


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Dr. Neeta Verma

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>He needs elaborate history taking and examination with few investigations. Male UTI at this age is considered as complicated UTI, that means it has some underlying problem which needs to be taken care of . It could be because of enlarged prostate, urethral stricture or underactive bladder. Mostly at this age it is prostate enlargement. It can be treated medically or surgically depending on patient symptoms and investigations. For other causes like urethral stricture, it might need to be corrected surgically. Underactive bladder is managed differently. So, please see a urologist.


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