I am hapitatis b positive I had given vacination to my wife, what is the validity of vaccine and I am planning for baby.

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In only rare cases is it observed that people get hepatitis B despite being vaccinated, in which case it could be blamed on unhealthy lifestyle or health problems as well, but then they respond more effectively to the second round of vaccine if in case they do acquire this disease despite vaccination. They are also known as vaccine non-responders. You can have baby though, the baby will be vaccinated against hepatitis A and B in the delivery room, followed by antibody titer test which will be conducted one month after the baby has been vaccinated, so as to see whether their body responded to the vaccine or not. Get in touch with hepatologists for second opinions, our page will help - Hepatologist in Chennai, let us know if your city is different or if there's any unaddressed question!

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