I have a full skin and pimple problem. I have under eye problem as well, so can to do treatment for that as well

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Dear ma'am, following treatments are used for dark circle removal:
Skin lightening creams: they reduce darkness under your eyes.
Laser therapy: damaged cells under your eyes are vaporized using heat produced as a result of intense light beam.
Chemical peel: a solution made of certain acids which are beneficial for your skin, is applied on your skin and peeled off later.
Additionally, there are minimal invasive surgical techniques too, such as removing fat from your lids if the cast of their shadow is the culprit behind your dark circles, which is known as blepharoplasty, and otherwise you can also inject certain acids into the tissues under your eyes, in recommended quantities, to fill for volume loss, they are referred as fillers.
Above treatments are effective against pimples too, but the doctor will mostly start with lifestyle fixes and medicines.
You can also refer our list of dermatologists in India, to get in touch with qualified practitioners and learn more.