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Could I have POTS syndrome? Symptoms and Suspicions

I have osteoporosis at a young age and a 5 cm tilt in my hip to the right and i have really stretchy skin and flexible muscles and bones so the reason I wanna talk to you is that I have suspicion that I have pots syndrome I have all the symptoms I found online and I did try to see my heart rate on my watch while laying down then standing up and it was rise of about 30 beats every time I tried it and I do feel tired and numb most times that I walking or standing in general when I asked my doctor about that he told me that it’s common for those symptoms because of osteoporosis but unfortunately I don’t have my doctors information right now and up to this point we still don’t know the cause of my osteoporosis I don’t want to ask my parents to take me to a doctor because I don’t want to worry them although they took me to many doctors because of my dizziness and fainting I didn’t wanna bring my suspicions up because I felt uncomfortable I hope that you can answer my question and tell me if it is possibility and I would love to tell you more about my symptoms

1 Answer
Dr. Bhaskar Semitha's profile picture

Dr. Bhaskar Semitha

Cardiac Surgeon

16 years of experience

Answered on 16th Feb '24

Based on your symptoms, this syndrome might be POTS. POTS possesses an excessive heart rate while sitting down, as well as weak and dizzy upon standing. For further evaluation and diagnosis, you are advised to visit a cardiologist.

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