I have spots from last 2 months help me out with this

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We have mentioned treatment options that are generally used to treat spots, but based on your health background and severity of concern, the dermatologist will ultimately decide which treatment to proceed forward with.

However, you can discuss following options with your specialist anyway:

  • Chemical Peel (Rs. 1,800-10,000): A concoct of skin-nourishing acids beneficial for skin, which is applied on the affected region of your body, in minimal quantity but of varying strength. It eventually dries up and is removed thereon - this process encourages regeneration of newer & healthier skin cells by removing upper tanned layers of skin.
  • Microdermabrasion (Rs. 1500 to Rs. 6000 per session): Only acts upon the superficial layer of skin (epidermal scarring). During treatment, your dermatologist will use a drill-like compact appliance with a wire brush or some other abrasive as its tip, to swipe over your skin. It effectively eliminates epidermal scarring.
  • Dermabrasion (Rs. 1500 to Rs. 6000 per session): Same as Microdermabrasion, but also reaches a part of your dermis which is beyond the epidermis layer.
  • Laser resurfacing (Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 10,000 per session): laser device crucial in breaking down pigment and reducing texture of tan, sun spots, etc.
  • Microneedling (Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000 per session): You will be supplied with anesthesia beforehand, followed by fine pricks being created on your face and covering it entirely, post which there will be a gentle application of serum, this entire process results in the growth of collagen
  • Either OTC or Prescription - Creams/face pack/face wash (Rs. 200 to Rs. 2000): Results last for a comparatively lesser amount of time, and spots can affect even deeper layers of your skin, but these on another hand would work on only the upper surface of your skin.
  • Common side effects following each treatment, except creams, are:
    • Pain. discomfort, stinging, swelling, redness and bruising (for all).
    • Increased sensitivity to sun (chemical peel).
  • Risks for each treatment, except creams, are:
    • Damage to heart/kidney/liver (chemical peel).
    • Skin getting pierced, Damage to eye (microdermabrasion/dermabrasion)..
    • Permanent pigmentation, scarring and blistering (for all).
  • Incurred charges may exceed our estimated price range for each treatment, owing to factors such as:
    • Experience/location of treating clinician, infrastructure of/value-added services provided by clinic, complications you present with, employment of technology/other solutions to improve overall experience during treatment.

To get in touch with experts, refer our page - Dermatologists.

Let us know if you need a list of city-specific recommendations, or if you have any other doubt, we are just a drop of message away, take care!

Note - To pick a suitable specialist, look-out for these aspects:

  • Their experience & success rates, list of side effects & risks following such treatments, pre-treatment preparations & post-treatment care, patient eligibility for each treatment, your health background (present conditions/history of family diseases/past diseases) and possible complications they can create, correction course in case you are ineligible to undergo any treatment, revision course if you develop problems, detailed info about every procedure, and intended outcomes (permanent cure/reducing the degree of problem/preventing further progress).
  • Never neglect hygiene and sterilization of tools/surroundings - to avoid infection.