I want to ask different types of skin polishing techniques available and their prices too.

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Skin Polishing is also known as "Microdermabrasion" in clinical terms. It evens out your skin tone, exfoliates your skin, and leaves a smooth and glowing finish in the end.
There is crystal dermabrasion which uses crystals of aluminum oxide to wipe out dead skin cells from your skin.
There is also diamond microdermabrasion, which essentially performs the same function as crystal dermabrasion, but on more sensitive areas of your face.
And lastly, there's chemical peel, here those acids from fruits are extracted which are otherwise beneficial for our skin. They boost the overall appearance of our skin and gives it a good glow.
The price can vary between 1,500rs to 12000rs. But city of residence and expertise of specialists always makes a difference, in deliverance of results as well as the overall price, so we have prepared a list of Skin Polishing doctors in Mumbai for you to refer from, you can get in touch with highly qualified practitioners for more information.