Is the Hair Transplant a solution for my baldness?

Asked anonymously on 22nd January, 2019 at 5:42 am

In the center of my head I am balded, so is Hair Transplant a solution? Please help me!



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Hello! The Central area Or the Top area referred to as a general term by people is actually ideally termed as the crown area or more specifically by the hair transplant surgeon in Surat as the Vertex area. Now what's so special or peculiar about this crown or vertex area is that advising the type of treatment or contemplating hair transplant in this area requires a lot of skill expertise and whole lot of experience and training. This area is tricky and most demanding technically to treat as it usually has the whorl which has the hair in all the different directions and are lying at a more slanting direction so to recreate it in exactly the same natural way requires tremendous skill but done under expert hands gives satisfying and gratifying results. Hope our answer helps you.