I am 32 year old female wants to avail skin whitening treatment

Asked anonymously on 22nd January, 2022 at 9:31 pm



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Dear ma'am, we would like to draw your attention to the following treatment options with regards to skin whitening:

  • Chemical peel (Rs. 1,800-5,500).
  • Laser (Rs. 4,000-30,000).
  • Injections (Rs. 6,000-40,000).
  • And Skin lightening products (Rs. 200-20,000).

Charges may vary and transcend our calculated figures, depending on:

Challenges you present with, severity of your concern, location/infrastructure of the clinic and follow-up services provided by it, as well as the expertise of the specialist handling your treatment.

Discussions accounting for the following pointers is a crucial form of dialogue to be had between you and your doctor:

Procedure/side effects/risks/eligibility criteria/pre-treatment measures/post-treatment measures/correction course in case you are ineligible for the treatment/rectification course or compensation in case of risks.

Refer from our list of dermatologists to find proficient specialists. Let us know if you have doubts/geographical preferences, take care!