My daughter is obese weight 110 kg , age 19

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  • You should approach a nutritionist/dietician regarding her first and put her on dieting & lifestyle modifications.
  • Once it's ruled out that they aren't yielding desirable results, then she can move on to endoscopic procedures or other weight-loss surgeries, they are only concerned with limiting food intake, and are as mentioned below:
    • Gastric bypass, gastric binding, gastric sleeve, Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch -- but the doctor will determine whether she's eligible or not, depending on her health background and pace of weight loss.
  • The doctor shall guide on everything, just make them aware of her expectations, limitations and pre-existing health conditions as they could limit certain options and the dietician would have an easier way of providing realistic goals.

You may refer our page to contact experts and learn more - Dietitian/Nutritionists.


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