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Asked on 20th Aug, 2022

how can i lose weight with pcos

Jay Guru Dr. This is Shilpi, my weight is 95kg, height 5.1", before my delivery I was 65kg, and before getting pregnant I was 54kg, I have pcos, I want to reduce my weight.

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Dr. Harikiran Chekuri

Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic Surgeon

20 years of experience

Answered on 9th December 2021

The weight gain is definately a post pregnancy weight gain and pcos definately adds to the problem.you might meet your gynecologist they might advise you metformin based tablets or litagluride injections which will help you to loose weight.their main target will be controlling serum insulin which is fundamental problem in pcos.i think nutrition and some physical activity along with these metaformin based treatment will definitely bring your weight down.For this consult your gynecologist or nutritionist

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