Sir good afternoon iam asking one question my brother legs black dots since 3 months suffer in decese sir

Asked anonymously on 1st October, 2021 at 12:20 pm



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At times some regions of the body have more melanin content compared to other regions of the body, they cause dark spots to appear. They shouldn't be a matter of concern if your brother isn't experiencing any symptoms around that region.

If your brother is facing some symptom which you couldn't elaborate on, or if his spots match ANY of the following characteristics:

  • They have had some changes in terms of shape/size/color.
  • They bleed.
  • They have oozing, crusty areas.
  • They look like small lumps with uneven, rough surface or flat reddish patch which slowly grows.

If any of the criteria above is fulfilled, then get consulted by a dermatologist. In fact, even if there's no such sign/symptom, a dermatologist can be visited to have a skin test conducted, it is a routine check-up and also a part of preventive measures. You can find specialists through our page - Dermatologists in India.