I am suffering from Anal Fissure. I want to get treatment for anal fissure. Please Advise.

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While we do not provide treatment for any disease/condition ourselves, but we can use our platform to educate you on options that are available for you, please read ahead:

  1. For non-surgical treatments, you have:
    • Creams that soothe pain or increase blood flow.
    • Prescription medicines which are considered to be more effective than creams for performing similar functions.
    • Injections to paralyze sphincter muscles and relax spasms.
  2. Coming to surgical treatment:
    • Lateral internal sphincterotomy (LIS): Entails cutting of a small portion from anal sphincter muscle so as to lower spasm and pain, and encourage healing.
      • Common side effects:
        • Pain & discomfort
        • Blood in stools and painful bowel movements
      • Risks:
        • Infection, excessive bleeding, Fistula

Reach out to our specialists to learn more - Gastroenterologists in India.

Always enquire regarding:

  • Pre-operation preparations & post-operation care
  • Risks & side effects
  • Correction treatment for risks/unwanted outcomes.


Let us know if you have any location-specific requirement to search for doctors, also drop us a message anytime you have any doubt/query!

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