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Nasal polyps surgery cost in India

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Nasal polyps are small and benign growths that tend to develop in the nasal passages.

They make breathing difficult as they fill up your nostrils, leading to a stuffy nose and difficulty breathing. 

The surgery for removing nasal polyps is called endoscopic resection of nasal polyps (ENDPR).

The polyp removal surgery cost in India varies from patient to patient. 

Depending on the procedure, the cost of nasal polyp surgery can range from 36,258 ( $455) - 207,189 ( $2600 ).

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What is the cost of nasal polyp surgery across different countries?

Turkey$1,000 to $1,650
The United Arab Emiratesstarts from $2,500 
South Korea$940 to $6,372
India$455 to $2600

Note: nasal polyps operation cost may vary by approximately 5-10% depending on various factors, such as the doctor's experience and the hospital's location.

What are the factors affecting the nasal polyp surgery cost in India?

Some of the factors affecting the polyp surgery cost in India are:

  • The type of nasal polyp surgery
  •  The number of polyps and their location
  • your health condition
  •  the doctor’s experience 
  • The extent of the surgery
  •  Your choice of hospital
  •  The type of anesthesia 
  • The hospital stay

Other Details

Why is India the best for nasal polyp surgery?

India has arisen as a leading country for medical tourism. It is the best place to get your nasal polyp surgery done.

 For various reasons, India is the ideal place to get this surgery done. 

  • The cost of nasal polyp surgery in India is lower than in other developed countries like the US or the UK.
  •  India boasts a modern healthcare infrastructure and well-trained medical professionals. 
  • The success rate of nasal polyps surgery is more significant in India than in other countries due to superior treatments provided by medical experts. 
  • India has signed health tourism agreements with many countries. This means that you will receive medical care at government-approved hospitals at the same cost as people living in India.
  • Indian hospitals have received accreditations from the top medical organizations of the world.

Nasal polyps are noncancerous growths in your nasal passages that can cause symptoms like nasal congestion, itching, and a blocked sensation. Getting them surgically removed can be really helpful in dealing with these symptoms. The cost of nasal polyp surgery in India is less than other developed countries. You can choose to travel to India for medical tourism and get excellent healthcare services at affordable prices.

Disclaimer : The above rates are for reference purpose only and may vary based on different requirements. To know actual rates, please contact us.

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Hi, recently I was diagnosed with Sinuses. Doctor suggests surgery because nose bone is deformed. Is surgery necessary or it will be treated by medicine.

Female | 40

Are headaches, stuffy nose, or breathing problems telling you that something may be wrong with your nose bone? If so, you could be suffering from a deviated septum that requires surgery to fix it. Sometimes fixing the bone can relieve symptoms. When none of these treatments help, doctors will recommend an operation on what is blocking your airway.

Answered on 6th May '24

Dr. Babita Goel

Dr. Babita Goel

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