Which skin treatment is best for sensitive skin?

Female | 27

Hello, I have lots of pimples on my face, acne scars, and pigmented dull skin. I have sensitive skin, please suggest treatment that won't react with my skin.



Samruddhi Bhartiya

Member of team ClinicSpots.

Answered on 11th June 2021

Only a dermatologist will be able to help you, and for that they would have to examine you in person so that they know the severity of these concerns, and other underlying issues responsible for this state of your skin. There are skin types such a dry, combination and oily, and the degree of sensitivity helps in determining how strongly your skin can react to certain aggregators. A doctor will mostly start with medication, skin care products specific to your skin type, and lifestyle changes, and in some cases may go for suggesting some advanced treatment based on your medical history. To know more, we would advice you to get in touch with specialists who have an expertise on the said subject, through our page - Skin Treatment doctors in Mumbai, or that of any other city. Reach out to us if you ever feel stuck!


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