I am 36 old female and have dark circle under my eyes and i would like To know that which is the best treatment for skin whitening.

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Dear ma'am, following treatments are used for dark circle removal & skin whitening:
- Skin lightening creams: they reduce darkness under your eyes, or all over face and body as well. But the results obtained are temporary, change seen is minimal, and provided that you regularly consume these products, also, impact isn't skin deep.
- Laser therapy: damaged cells under your eyes are vaporized using heat produced by intense light beam, can help with dark circles as well as dark skin.
- Chemical peel: a mixture containing certain acids all of which are friendly to your skin, is applied on your skin and peeled off later on.
- Additionally, there are least invasive surgical techniques to save you from dark circles as well, one of them involves removing fat from your lids if the cast of their shadow plays a crucial role in making your under-eye look darker, same is known as blepharoplasty, and otherwise you can also inject certain acids into the tissues under your eyes, in recommended quantities, to fill for volume loss, they are known as fillers.
- Furthermore, even Injections are available for treatment of darkened skin tone: they can detoxify the body, barricade your skin against harmful UV rays and enhance your skin tone by a few shades. But will contain a dosage of glutathione in limited quantity however, which in turn can be unsafe and can cause severe side effects as well.
You may have to approach a highly experienced dermatologist to avail above treatments, and we will advise you to discuss side-effects which treatment is likely to induce, with the doctor, and any precaution which will help in beating them. You may refer from our list of Skin Treatment doctors in Mumbai, or that of any other city, whichever you feel is convenient, and sought consultation services. Let us know if you are look forward to get treated in a different city, and you can drop us a message anytime you have doubts!