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We have shared our limited knowledge on hair loss below, please read ahead:

  1. One treatment that doesn't require prescription since its OTC, and what we can suggest is - Minoxidil:
    • It comes in these forms - liquid, foam and shampoo, same is to be applied on the scalp skin once everyday for women and twice regularly for men.
    • It might take a few months for you to be able to judge whether this is working for you or not, and if it does then you can continue using the medicine to reap benefits.
    • Possible side effects include scalp irritation and hair growth on unwanted regions such as the adjacent skin of the face as well as your hands.
  2. Prescription Medication: if it's some hormonal disorder or genetic predisposition.
  3. Hair transplant surgery (Rs. 25-80 per graft, can go upto 4,500 grafts):
    • While undergoing this procedure, a dermatologist removes hair from that region of your head that has appropriate hair density, and then proceeds to transplant it to the balding spot where thinning is observed.
    • Each graft carries 1 to 3 hair strands.
    • Possible risks you can run into post-surgery: bleeding, bruising, swelling and infection.
    • You may need more than one surgery to get the desired effect.
    • Read here, to understand cost breakdown/types/requirements - Hair Transplant in India.
    • You may face challenges if you have curly hair or if you happen to be a transgender individual, with regards to positioning of grafts, please discuss with the surgeon.
    • Also, if you don't have enough hair in your donor's region, then you can also opt for biofiber synthetic hair implants, they are artificial hair implants that can be fixed on your scalp, and they will be accepted by your body despite being a foreign object.
  4. PRP (Rs. 4,500 - 20,000 per session, or exceed):
    • It involves platelet-rich plasma being extracted from our own blood cells, and then being injected on to the scanty parts of our scalp.
    • To understand more about cost breakdown/eligibility/test/process, read here - PRP Hair Treatment.
  5. Laser therapy (not sure but can go up to Rs. 60,000 or exceed):
    • Not researched extensively but some studies have claimed that it can be beneficial.
    • Theoretically speaking, when hair follicles absorb laser light at required level, then it can stimulate hair growth.
  6. Lifestyle fixes:
    • Lifestyle modifications such as the shampoo/conditioner/hair oil you use, to replace them with better alternatives carrying those ingredients which will benefit your hair, or diet changes and exercise schedule will be planned, or even an effective hair spray.
  • You can start with minoxidil for now, but if it doesn't work then please approach a specialist, for your convenience, we are also linking our page which might help you out in the long run - Hair Loss Treatment doctors.
  • Lastly, discuss with doctors these things in-depth:
    • How they will carry out the process & what outcome they intend to achieve.
    • Risks & common side-effects.
    • Correction course/compensation if you achieve unwanted outcomes or land in any risk.
    • Patient eligibility for PRP and/or hair transplant surgery.
    • Their past experiences & success rate.
    • How your current health conditions, history of diseases, or family history, and supplements/other medications will affect the outcome/experience.
    • Note: Price varies depending on location/infrastructure/facilities of clinic, experience of specialist, and advanced techniques if implemented so as to improve your experience.


Drop us a message if you have different location requirements to undergo any treatment, and also, you can approach us anytime you have any doubts!