This is Salam Aziz from Iraq male with 58 years CT scan report shows my left kidney normal BUT there are two well define non enhancing cysts one lower cortical measure 11 mm @ the other larger exophytic measure 75 x 55 mm ( Bosniak I) . The doctors here told me i have two options either remove it or only remove the tumor and leave the rest.I am with the second option if possible ? I am ready to fly to india. please dont hesitate to ask any question. Best Regards Salam Aziz +964 770 173 8677

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Dear sir, you can get in touch with one of the doctors from our listing page, we can assure you that they have a good experience to back them as well as affordable services, they will do justice to your case - Nephrologist in India. Let us know if in case you land in any medical complication!

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