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This is Salam Aziz from Iraq male with 58 years CT scan report shows my left kidney normal BUT there are two well define non enhancing cysts one lower cortical measure 11 mm @ the other larger exophytic measure 75 x 55 mm ( Bosniak I) . The doctors here told me i have two options either remove it or only remove the tumor and leave the rest.I am with the second option if possible ? I am ready to fly to india. please dont hesitate to ask any question. Best Regards Salam Aziz +964 770 173 8677

2 Answers
Dr. Neeta Verma's profile picture

Dr. Neeta Verma


14 years of experience

Answered on 10th Feb '24

your CT scan report reveals two cysts in the left kidney and one is a larger exophytic cyst classified as Bosniak I it can be explained why less invasive alternatives options are to consider. The second alternative that you described, namely the excision of a tumor (presumably a large cyst) alone while sparing other parts of the kidney. The ultimate decision should be discussed with your urologist or surgeon.


Samruddhi Bhartiya

Member of team ClinicSpots.

Answered on 31st Aug '21

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