What is the difference between a stroke and a seizure?

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Shalini Jadhvani

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Though there are a lot of similarities between a stroke and a seizure,  there are some noteworthy differences between the two conditions. Please check the table below to know the difference between a stroke and a seizure. 


Nature of the ConditionThe brain stops functioning in a strokeThe brain simply overreacts in a seizure
CausesA stroke can cause a seizureA seizure cannot cause a stroke
Effects on the bodyA stroke can, in most cases, lead to paralysis ,and in one out of ten cases, death.For seizures, there is hardly any damage to the body, and death only happens in rare cases.
Method of treatmentThe most effective way to fight a stroke is to find the cause of it and tackle it accordingly. For seizures, anti-seizure medications are the most popular and recommended treatment choice.
SymptomsMost symptoms of stroke and seizures overlap, but facial drooping is one such symptom that is experienced only in stroke. Facial drooping is not a symptom of seizures. 



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