breast implant illness weight gain?

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Breast implant illness weight gain?


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what do you want to ask by breast implant illness? 


Samruddhi Bhartiya

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  • It’s normal to gain up to 5 pounds of weight immediately following breast implant surgery. But a considerable amount of weight gain can be attributed to other factors that concern the state of your health and surgery (maybe even breast implant illness).
  • While many symptoms have been associated with this illness, some of the most occurring symptoms include:
    • Hair loss
    • Chronic exhaustion
    • Dryness in mouth and eyes
    • Gastrointestinal problems
    • Brain fog
    • Headaches
    • Joint or muscle ache
    • Hives and other skin issues
    • Weight changes (more than 5 pounds)
  • Patients with breast illness can relieve their symptoms without having to remove breast implants: The cause of symptoms is an underlying ailment that impacts the immune system or hormone production.

If you are experiencing unexplained symptoms, which you suspect to be stemming from your breast implants, talk with your surgeon.


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