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Sir now a day my father suffering from chronic kidney diseases last stage before six months ago. And he takes some medicines like nodosis 500 mg thrice daily. But I am not satisfied then what can i do please suggest me.

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Dr. Neeta Verma


14 years of experience

Answered on 17th Jan '24

in case your father is suffering from chronic kidney disease ckd it’s essential to seek advice of his health care provider. Managing CKD often involves the use of medicines, a change in lifestyle and monitoring. Make sure your father takes all medications as prescribed, including Nodosis the sodium bicarbonate containing drug. Recommended dietary alterations could include restricting sodium and protein consumption. Regular visits and effective communication with health professionals will allow carrying out monitoring of his treatment plan which might need to be modified after taking into consideration the condition he is in.

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Dr. Sachin Gupta

Nephrologist/Renal Specialist

11 years of experience

Answered on 2nd Dec '21

Chronic kidney disease is usually a progressive disease and tends to progress over time. But inspite of having it patient can be maintained in a reasonably good health with proper medication, diet and routine Nephrologist's consultation. I request you to reach to a nephrologist near you for treatment optimisation.

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