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Questions Answered By Dr. Madhu Sudan (65)

Male | 24

Hi doctor iam getting married soon but my timing is too bed what should I do

Answered on 2nd Apr '24

You are advised to see a urologist or a specialist in sexual health for diagnosis and treatment accordingly. They can propose some sort of medication therapy, lifestyle changes or therapy aimed at boosting your sexual health. It is imperative to consult a medical expert instead of relying on self-treatment options.

Male | 25

Sex timing and erection not satisfied wife

Answered on 21st Mar '24

It is common for men to experience sexual concerns such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. Consult a urologist or a sexual health specialist to identify the underlying causes of these issues as they can be due to physical or psychological factors. Seeking professional help can improve sexual performance and satisfaction for both partners.

Male | 26

Sex time ko badhana chahta hu kam se kam 30 minuts

Answered on 19th Mar '24

I recommend individuals to seek medical help from either a urologist or a sexologist for any concerning erection problems or premature ejaculations. They will guide you in gaining the necessary advice and treatment you need to overcome the prolonged sex stamina and enhance your overall sexual health.

Male | 26

Dear Doctor, I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to discuss some concerns that have been affecting my mental and sexual health, specifically related to my use of pornography and its broader impact on my life. I am a male, 26/27 years old. No health issues. I've noticed that my consumption of pornography and engagement in cybersex have escalated to a point where they negatively affect my life and relationships. My need for increasingly explicit material to achieve sexual arousal has grown over the years (a phenomenon called "Desensitization" i believe), and it's become apparent that this pattern is not sustainable. I've observed that this habit has not only affected my ability to enjoy real-life sexual encounters but has also contributed to the deterioration of my previous relationship. At times, I had found myself needing to think of pornography to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. In an attempt to address this, I've tried to quit watching porn, only to experience a significant drop in my libido and desire for sexual activity. This "flat line" phase, as it's often referred to in various forums, has left me feeling worried and uncertain about the path forward. Of course, i started watching again, just to make sure that everything is normal. The first couple of times, the erections were weaker than usual. I understand that the body of scientific research in this area is still evolving, and there seems to be a lack of definitive guidance on dealing with these challenges. Given these complexities, I'm seeking your professional advice on several fronts: 1- Is the "flat line" phase a recognized scientific phenomenon, and what does current research say about it? 2- Considering my concerns about the long-term effects of abstaining from pornography and reduced masturbation, what guidance can you provide? I'm particularly worried about maintaining sexual function, including erectile strength and ejaculation control. 3-Could you suggest any scientific, medical research articles or resources that could offer more insight into these issues? Your expertise and any evidence-based recommendations would be immensely valuable to me as I consider my next steps. Many thanks for your time and consideration. Kind regards,

Answered on 14th Feb '24

It is crucial to realize that gaining an excessive amount of pornography and cyberspace ultimately results in being desensitized, and it has a negative impact on sexual encounters with real living partners and relationships.

The "flat line" effect, that you brought up, is also a commonly displayed problem where former porn addicts may experience a drop in their sex drive and arousal. But for now, the findings are not substantial, more studies are required to distinguish porn effect on sexual function from its own.

With regard to facilitation, many people have found it immensely helpful to consult a professional mental health care provider, such as a therapist or a counselor, and avail their expert help in dealing with this problem and addressing any underlying psychological factors. A sex therapist may possess skills in counseling individuals with sexual dysfunction or enhancing sexual functions.

Your well-being is of top concern and seeking the help of a mental and sexual health specialist can provide you with the needed information when making a decision about your next step. In this connection, I suggest you talk to a psychologist or sex therapist, whose main professional concern is the issues you are experiencing, for more help and support.

Best regards,
Dr. Madhu Sudan

Male | 26

Having problem staying hard for long

Answered on 15th Dec '23

ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION causes vary, including ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, STRESS, and poor LIFESTYLE.... REGULAR EXERCISE, HEALTHY DIET, and GOOD SLEEP can help... SMOKING and excessive DRINKING can affect sexual performance... TALK to your DOCTOR for medication options...

Male | 35

Namaste sir ji मुझे शुगर की बीमारी है 2016 से मेरी age 36 है सेक्स करने में परेशानी होती है 2 मिनट से ज्यादा sex नहीं कर पाता और डिस्चार्ज हो जाता है जिससे मेरी वाइफ को मजा नहीं है मेरा लिंग भी बहुत छोटा है जिससे वाइफ को sex करने मजा नहीं आता है और ना वाइफ का सेक्स करने का मन नहीं होता क्या लिंग बड़ा मोटा हो सकता है क्या सभी बीमारी का इलाज हो सकता है कृपया उपाय बताएं मुजे शुगर की दवाई, और सेक्स से संबंधित सभी दवाई मिल सकती है क्या और कोन सी दवा है और कितना खर्च होगा दवा में कृपया उपाय बताएं 8076364985

Answered on 21st Nov '23

Sugar ke bad sex ki dikat kafi sare logo me ho hi jati h Mai 2-4 medicine bata ra hu lekin sahi rahega aap mere clinic me aake mile taki hum aapka achhe se aapko check karke dawa de sakte abhi ek liye aap vasant kusumakar ras1-1 and chanderprabha vati . arogyavardhini vati.gopal oil lele lekin accha raheja aap call kare is number pe 9555990990 clinic me mile dhanyawad ?
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