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Asked on 20th Aug, 2022

dental treatment in turkey?

Hi can braces help me to align my teeth? Or are there other options too? See I am a college girl. My teeth are not properly set. I wanted to fix it. But also I have seen one of my cousins had to wear the braces for quite a long time and it is very difficult sometimes to eat. So is there any other way to align the teeth? To whom should I consult? I am from Silivri.

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Answered on 3rd May 2022

Hello, as I could understand that you want alignment of teeth so to straighten teeth in adults the option ranges from the traditional metal braces to the invisible ,clear Aligners . These options have their own negative and positive points which your dentist can guide you in detail and can help you to take best decision according to your requirements. Yes, braces and Aligners both can align teeth successfully

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Answered on 25th March 2022

yes braces can align your teeth. You have to consult an orthodontist. other ways of alignment of teeth are Invisalign or aligners and ceramic braces. if your teeth correction are moderate then aligners can help but if too much complex then only option is braces. You can go for self ligation braces which is much more comfortable

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