neck lumps in children-causes?

Female | 6

My 6 year old has a bruised lump at the bottom of her neck / collar bone area. She has had it for a week and it is painful to touch. I assumed she hurt herself rough playing with her brother but I am starting to get concerned. She is her normal energetic self and has no other symptoms, should I take her to get examined? Many thanks


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Dr. Mukesh Carpenter

9 years of experience

General Surgeon

Answered on 12th May 2022

Yes, Please consult a surgeon physically so that he can tell you proper line of treatment.

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Dr. Mohammad Farooque Dudhwala

8 years of experience

General Surgeon

Answered on 11th April 2022

Get a ultrasound done of the local part and then consult a surgeon for the treatment.


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