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Taping nose 6 months after rhinoplasty, is it required?

Taping nose 6 months after rhinoplasty, is it required?

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Dr. Deepesh Goyal

Aesthetic Medicine

16 years of experience

Answered on 21th June 2023

Taping the nose six months after rhinoplasty is not typically necessary, as the majority of the swelling and healing process should have already taken place by that point. However, it's important to consult with your surgeon for specific guidance based on your individual circumstances.


In the early stages of rhinoplasty recovery, taping may be used to help support and shape the nose. It is often applied immediately after surgery and worn for a specific period of time as directed by the surgeon. However, after six months, the nose should have largely settled into its final shape.


If you have concerns about the appearance or shape of your nose at the six-month mark, it's best to reach out to your surgeon for a follow-up consultation. They will be able to assess your progress, evaluate any residual swelling, and provide guidance on whether any further interventions, including taping, are necessary.


It's important to follow your surgeon's recommendations closely, as they will have a comprehensive understanding of your unique case and can provide the most appropriate advice for your specific situation.

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