when can i start using scar cream after breast augmentation?

Asked anonymously on 2nd September, 2022 at 4:13 pm

When can i start using scar cream after breast augmentation?


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Dr. Sachin Rajpal

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Plastic Surgeon

Answered on 7th Sep 2022 at 1:11 pm
You can start anti scar treatment as soon as your sutures are removed.
Can use silicone gel sheet also.

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Dr. Raajshri Gupta

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Answered on 6th Sep 2022 at 7:32 am
Scar modulation treatments like creams, massage, serums and ointments can be used after your stitches have been removed. this would be around 2 weeks of surgery. But you have to consult your surgeon before starting. 


Shweta Kumari

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you can apply two types of scar cream after 1- 2 week of the procedure: 

  •  Softening cream: it gives you an occlusive effect. It helps to create a seal over your scars by locking the moisture, thus providing protection against bacteria, and assisting in reduced appearance of scars after multiple use. 
  • Silicon cream: Also helps in reducing scars. It helps keep your tissue hydrated, soft, and flatter, because it has a breathable material which is responsible for protecting your scar tissue from itching, sweating, and irritation. 


  •  But before starting with application of cream, ensure that your incisions are fully closed and healed. 
  •  After applying silicon material, always massage your scar to reduce its appearance, as it produces collagen and other proteins. 


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