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Axillary arm pit fat with pain some time

Dr. Babita Goel's profile picture

Dr. Babita Goel

General Physician

25 years of experience

Answered on 17th Jan '24

Presence of the axillary armpit fat along with pain may point out in many different conditions ranging from such benign lipomas to severe pathologies. One should consult a dermatologist for the right assessment. They can evaluate the region, possibly with imaging studies or a biopsy if necessary to determine what caused fat and associated pain. 

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Dr. Mangesh Yadav

Laparoscopic Surgeon

25 years of experience

Answered on 16th Nov '22

see a general surgeon for same
which city
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Dr. Ashwani Kumar

Plastic Surgeon

15 years of experience

Answered on 25th Sept '22

Hi there!!
The fat that you are talking about is called as Axillary Breast. It has various grades majority of which can be managed with Liposuction which is a scarless procedure. 

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