Asked on 20th Aug, 2022

Hi, Is it possible for a person with COPD to undergo Hip replacement surgery?

Dr. Utsav   Agrawal

Dr. Utsav Agrawal

Trauma Surgeon

24 years of experience

Answered on 25th November 2022

yes it is 
although you need a good pre op and post op management to avoid complications

for more info 

feel free to get in touch
Dr Utsav Agrawal
Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon
Dr. velpula    sai sirish

Dr. velpula sai sirish

Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation Specialist For Stroke

24 years of experience

Answered on 24th November 2022

c o p d is chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder in which gases exchange will be difficult

but surgery is not contra indication you can go for surgery

post surgery Physiotherapy is helpful for both COPD AND THR
Dr. Rufus  Vasanth Raj

Dr. Rufus Vasanth Raj

Orthopaedic Surgery

24 years of experience

Answered on 21st November 2022

COPD is not a contra indication for hip surgery. And it requires only spinal anaesthesia.

Need to assess the current status of the Lungs with the help of Plumonologist and with their fitness we can go ahead with surgery. 

Dr Rufus Vasanth Raj
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Dr. Babita Goel

General Physician

24 years of experience

Answered on 15th December 2019

Patients with COPD represent a high percentage of risk groups, but COPD per say is not a contraindication for any surgery. It all depends on patient's general condition. Once the doctor gives fitness, surgery can be planned. Preoperative check-up of the respiratory system is necessary in order to prevent and avoid complications. The intraoperative care with respiratory and hemodynamic monitoring as well as postoperative care in the ICU will take of everything. Consult an orthopedic surgeon, physician for help. This page exposes you to relevant specialists - Orthopedic Physiotherapists in Mumbai. Hoping that you get required support, but do reach out to us whenever in need, also let us know if your city is different.

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