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How to Promote Healing for Post-Surgery Site After Haglund Deformity Surgery?

My mother is 55 years old. A little obesity. She got her surgery for Haglund deformity causing Achilles tendonitis. After two weeks the suture was removed. Till that time she was on antibiotics and antimicrobial treatment alongwith calcium and pain killer. But now it's been 3-4 weeks post surgery . The post surgical site is black and I don't feel like it's healing. What to do?

1 Answer
Dr. Pramod Bhor's profile picture

Dr. Pramod Bhor

Joint Replacement Surgeon

21 years of experience

Answered on 15th Feb '24

It is recommended to go to the orthopedic surgeon who performed the operation and get the area examined. The black color could mean an infection or poor healing. It is necessary to have it diagnosed to take the treatment appropriately. 

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