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21 Best Cancer Hospitals in World

Nowadays, more and more people are open to traveling to another country in search of the best cancer hospitals in the world. The word cancer brings fear in the heart of people, but you will be surprised to know that millions of people around the globe are diagnosed with cancer every year.

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By Darshan Sharma

7th Mar '20

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Cancer can occur anywhere in our body and there are more than 120 types of cancer. Not all countries in the world are equipped to fight this dreaded disease. 

Cancer is a condition when a few of the body's cells grow out of control and spread to other bodily regions.

CT scan, bone scan MRI, biopsy test, and PET scan are some imaging procedures that are conducted to diagnose cancer in the hospital.

To successfully fight and overcome cancer the need to have world-class infrastructure, the most advanced medical technology and the most experienced and dedicated oncologists. 

Due to this, many patients have to travel abroad to find the best cancer hospital in the world.

You may get some of the best cancer treatments at an inexpensive price in the United States, the United Kingdom, and cancer hospitals in India

They have a brilliant team of oncologists (medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists) and the best infrastructure, facilities, health workers, emergency doctors, etc. The oncologists in the team are experienced in treating a variety of cancers, including leukemia, oral cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, blood cancer, esophageal cancer, lymphoma, stomach cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and refractory multiple myeloma.

They have already started providing new cancer treatments

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Is cost one of the most deciding factors for choosing a cancer treatment hospital?

Treatment for cancer is very costly, especially in developed countries like the US and UK. It becomes highly difficult for many to afford the treatment in their own country and thus have to look elsewhere for the best cancer hospitals in world. On the other hand, cost of cancer treatment in India, Malaysia or Thailand is very affordable. 

How to manage the expenses for cancer treatment is one major hurdle for patients and their families who are already under tremendous psychological trauma. Saving their loved ones by opting for the best cancer centres in the world is their topmost priority.

Why are some places preferred over others?

People prefer cancer treatment in India, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. as they are assured of getting the best cancer treatments in the world here. The number of patients getting diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment at these places is huge, at some places in millions, due to which these countries have an economy of scale.

Also, the cancer treatment cost in places like India is affordable when compared to other developed countries. Less cost in no way means substandard treatment, on the contrary, you are guaranteed world-class treatment with cutting-edge technology by hospitals in India. Additionally, the country has a plethora of expertise in the form of the best head and neck oncologists, Hemato oncologists, ovarian, lung cancer,  Blood Cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer oncologists and so on.


Cancer treatment stretches for a long period of time as it may require a multitude of tests and biopsies, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation which are very expensive treatments. Even Car-T therapy is a revolutionary treatment that is considered for treating cancers. Usually, many patients opt to get their treatment done from other places other than their own country which suits them economically but at the same time are equipped to provide the best cancer treatments in the world.

On this page, we have provided information about the best cancer hospitals in world for your reference and guidance so that you can compare the treatments and their cost and make the right choice.

Best Cancer Hospital in the USA

The USA, the largest economy in the world leads in almost all aspects like education, technology, science and healthcare. The hospitals here are regulated by strict laws in terms of medical infrastructure and cleanliness.

Though medical treatment in the USA is very costly, it still attracts many patients from all over the world for its superlative healthcare infrastructure and excellent doctors and surgeons.

Many patients seeking cancer treatment prefer traveling to USA as it is the best country for cancer treatment in the world and you are sure to receive the highest level of medical care. Many hospitals in the USA are listed among the best cancer hospitals in world for their path-breaking research and innovative cancer care.

Listed here are the top cancer centers in the world that are based in the USA:

1. University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston

Address: 1515 Holcombe Blvd, Houston, TX 77030, USA

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MD Anderson is an exclusive cancer treatment center that has been working relentlessly to eliminate cancer for the past seven decades. The physicians at the hospitals have the depth of experience to treat the rarest of cancers and are often recognized among the best doctors in the country. MD Anderson has been ranked as the top cancer hospital in the world for many years, and it is at the forefront of developing and using cutting-edge diagnostic technology for the best possible outcome.

2. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York City

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York City

Address: 1275 York Avenue, New York, NY, 10065, USA

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Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is the largest, oldest and best cancer center in the world. Patients here are provided effective treatment to prevent, control and cure cancer with the help of innovative research and close collaboration between scientists and doctors. Studies published by this cancer treatment center have immensely impacted the approach of cancer hospitals around the world.

3. UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles

UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles

Address: 757 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA

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UCLA Medical Center is known for providing the best cancer treatment in the world.

They are armed with advanced technology and the latest research, as far as treating cancer is concerned. Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center at UCLA is renowned for developing new therapies for fighting cancer and the doctors here are experts in diagnosing and treating the most complex and rare cancers. UCLA is consistently listed among the best cancer hospitals in world for its pioneering work and research.


Best Cancer Hospital in the UK

The United Kingdom, a nation admired for its economic powers is also acclaimed for its culture as well as world-class healthcare services. The standards for medical facilities are quite high having the latest technique and equipment at their disposal. Even physicians and doctors keep on updating their knowledge to stay abreast with the latest development in the medical field.

Multitudes of patients from all over the world come to UK in search of high-quality medical treatment. Oncology treatment is one such area in which UK has achieved great clinical results. UK has some of the best cancer centers in the world that provide comprehensive cancer care to patients whose priority is health and the cost is not an issue.

Given here are the top cancer hospitals in the UK:

1. The Royal Marsden Hospital

The Royal Marsden Hospital

Address: 203 Fulham Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 6JJ, UK

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The Royal Marsden is the largest cancer centre in Europe providing the highest standard of personalized care to local and overseas patients with the help of advanced technology and expertise. This renowned hospital is ranked among the top 10 cancer hospitals in the world for its contribution to the global improvement in offering comprehensive cancer treatment of highest quality.

2. BMI Healthcare

BMI Healthcare

Address: 1 Beaumont Square, Stepney Green, London E1 4NL, UK

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BMI Healthcare has 59 hospitals and clinics all over UK offering treatments in 115 specialties with centres of excellence in cancer care, neurosciences, cardiac, etc. The dedicated team of doctors and surgeons at the hospital strive to provide you complete cancer care be it cancer surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Foreign patients visiting the hospital for the best cancer treatments in the world are ably supported by Patient Coordinators who assist them in all possible way to make their stay stress-free.

3. The Harley Street Clinic

The Harley Street Clinic

Address: 35, Weymouth Street, London W1G 8BJ, UK

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The Harley Street Clinic is one of the leading private healthcare providers for complex treatments in cardiac, cancer, neurosciences. At the Cancer Centre the patients are provided personalized care using the latest technology supported by experienced medical faculty making it one of the best cancer hospitals in world. The oncologists and medical staff offer complete clinical care and also a wide range of holistic services.

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Best Cancer Hospital in India

India is one of the leading destinations for medical tourism, especially for the best cancer treatment centers in the world. Patients from far and wide prefer visiting here for their cancer treatment as the hospitals here are considered the top cancer hospitals in the world having a wide range of advanced treatments and services at affordable prices. India, a country rich in culture, considers their guests as equivalent to God, thus making this country favorable for international patients who are welcomed and cared for with compassion.

Why India?

According to statistics, a high percentage of patients come to India from the US, UK, Africa and the Middle East for their cancer treatment as Indian hospitals are considered the best for cancer treatment in the world. Delhi, MumbaiPune, BangaloreChennai, and other big metro cities attract the most patients due to their accessibility and first-class medical infrastructure. At Chennai Apollo Hospital, you will get the most advanced cancer treatment, proton therapy. Apollo Proton is South Asia's and the Middle East's first and only proton center.

1. Fortis Memorial Research Institute

Fortis Memorial Research Institute

Address: Sector - 44, Opposite HUDA City Centre, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002, India

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Fortis Memorial Research Institute located in the Delhi NCR area is a premium multi-super specialty hospital having 1000 beds and is known to provide best cancer treatment in the world. The Department of Oncology at this JCI accredited hospital provides a comprehensive adult and pediatric cancer care program following a trans-disciplinary and multi-modality approach, thus also making it one of the top 10 cancer hospitals in the world.

2. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals

Address: Sarita Vihar, Delhi Mathura Road, New Delhi 110076, India

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Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, a JCI accredited multi-specialty hospital provides comprehensive cancer treatment at Apollo Cancer Institute which is a standalone cancer unit having ultra-modern technology in diagnostics and surgery. da Vinci Robotic Surgical System is available at this world best cancer hospital for complicated surgeries.

3. Tata Memorial Hospital

Tata Memorial Hospital

Address: Dr. E Borges Road, Parel, Mumbai - 400 012 India

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Tata Memorial Hospital is located in Parel, Mumbai in India – this hospital has gained the reputation of being amongst the best cancer treatment centers in the world. It focuses on prevention, treatment, education and research pertaining to the field of oncology. The hospital is known to provide free primary care to around 60 percent of patients. Founded in 1941, Tata memorial hospital has often been regarded as one of the leading cancer centre in Asia.

4. Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital

Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital

Address: Vasundhara Enclave, Near New Ashok Nagar Metro Station Delhi 110096, India

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Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital is counted among the best cancer hospitals in the world for providing facilities such as cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Latest medical technologies and excellent infrastructure make it one of the best cancer treatment centers in the world. It is an associate member of UICC, for global cancer control.

5. Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre

Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre

Address: Bandra Reclamation, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050, India

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This cancer treatment center is acknowledged globally for its excellence in the treatment of adult and pediatric oncology, using trans-disciplinary and multi-modality approach.

The hospital offers the best cancer treatment in the world by meeting international protocols and providing services at affordable rates. The hospital offers best cancer treatment in the world using international cancer treatment protocols at affordable prices.

You can read ahead the patient stories to understand how Clinicspots help every patient to get treated in India from across the world.

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Best Cancer Hospital in Turkey

Turkey is a base for some of the best cancer centers around the globe. Treatment costs in Turkey are 2-3 times lower than in other countries and the availability of high-quality medical procedures. The Turkish health ministry is directly responsible for monitoring healthcare quality in the public and private sectors. Additionally, other private groups, such as the Turkish Accredited Hospitals Association, ensure that JCI-accredited Turkish hospitals adhere to globally accepted standards.

If you visit the best hospitals in Turkey, then you will be able to receive a range of treatments for several diseases, and advanced surgeries for either aesthetic or reconstructive purposes.

Below is a list of centers that are also regarded as best hospitals in the world.

1. Memorial Sisli Hospital

Memorial Sisli Hospital Building

Address: Kaptan Paşa, Kaptan Paşa Mah. Piyale Paşa Bulv, Okmeydanı Cd. No: 4, 

               34384 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey

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The Memorial Sisli Hospital was founded in 1995 and earlier, it was named Memorial Healthcare Investments Corporation. Memorial Sisli Hospital has an outstanding reputation in cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, organ transplantation, IVF treatment and genetics. It offers high-quality healthcare services across all fields. It has a 53,000 square meter covered area and over 200 bed capacity.

Best Cancer Hospital in Thailand

Millions of tourists visit Thailand, a popular tourist destination in the Asian continent which is famous for its unique culture, exotic wildlife, Buddhist temples and its delicious cuisine. Over the past decade medical tourism in Thailand has been on a rise and along with its neighbors namely India and Singapore, it has captured around 90% of the medical tourism market in Asia. These countries have consciously developed their medical infrastructure so as to provide first-class medical facilities. Thus, you can expect this country to provide the best cancer treatment in the world, it’s also known for handling complex cases ranging from cosmetic surgeries to organ transplants.

Many cancer patients opt for Thailand, as it is home to some of the best cancer treatment centers in the world.

Why is Thailand known to provide the best cancer treatment in the world?

Due to this, people from all over the globe visit Thailand for their medical treatment making it one of the best destinations for medical tourism. Given here are some of the hospitals in Thailand that are regarded as the best cancer hospitals in world.

1. Bumrungrad International Hospital, Bangkok

Bumrungrad International Hospital, Bangkok

Address: 33 Sukhumvit Soi 3 Khlong Toei Nuea, Wattana Bangkok 10110, Thailand

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Bumrungrad International Hospital, one of the largest private multi-specialty hospitals in Southeast Asia serves around 520000 international patients annually. The Horizon Regional Cancer Center at the hospital provides complete cancer treatment that also includes Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. The hospital ranks among the best cancer hospitals in world for its superlative cancer care and the team of highly qualified specialists from different medical fields with expertise in cancer.

2. Bangkok Hospital

Cancer Centers of Excellence

Address: 2 Soi Soonvijai 7, New Petchburi Road., Huaykwang, Bangkok 10310 Thailand

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Wattanosoth Hospital at Bangkok Hospital is an exclusive centre that offers the best cancer treatments in the world. It provides customize cancer treatment keeping in mind the physical and emotional well-being of the patients thereby maximizing the overall quality of life and decreasing the cancer death rates. Efficient, high-quality cancer management makes it the best cancer hospital in world.

3. Phyathai Nawamin International Hospital

Cancer Centers of Excellence

Address: Nawamin Road, Nuanchan, Bunggoom Bangkok 10230, Thailand

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Phyathai Nawamin International Hospital is the leading hospital in Thailand that serves both local and overseas patients. The hospital provides excellent treatment for 42 specialties including cancer. The cancer care center is widely recognized as the worlds best cancer hospital among patients from Europe, America and Asia Pacific for its treatment for all types of cancer using a wide range of cutting-edge technology and international board-certified medical specialist.

4. Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital

Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital

Address: 133 Sukhumvit 49, Klongtan Nua, Vadhana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

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Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital is a JCI accredited hospital that has emerged as a leading center for medical tourism for its innovative and quality care in medical technology. Cancer patients are offered a whole range of treatments at the best cancer center in the world that include treatment of hematologic (blood) diseases, iodine therapy, bone marrow transplants, radiation and chemotherapy. This center is fitted with sophisticated oncologist equipment and has the most dedicated oncologists working here.

Best Cancer Hospital in Singapore

Singapore the small island state is the global hub for finance, commerce and transport. It is well known for its strict laws and regulations especially in the areas of cleanliness. The ultra-modern healthcare facilities in a structured and clean environment make it a perfect destination for medical tourism.

The hospitals in Singapore offer a wide range of treatments in various fields like neurology, orthopedic surgery, cancer, cardiac surgery, etc. According to surveys, thousands of medical tourists visit Singapore for various treatments and it has been observed that many of these patients come for cancer treatment.

The reason for this is Singapore provides top of the line cancer care having some of the best cancer hospitals in world. Many of which have JCI accreditations. Also, Singapore is ranked 6th for quality healthcare by WHO. Affordable cost for cancer treatment is another important factor that attracts medical tourists as they save a substantial amount of money on getting the best care and facilities at top cancer centers in the world.

Singapore has the best hospitals in the world for cancer treatment namely:

1. Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Address: 3 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore 228510

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Mount Elizabeth Hospital is one of the largest JCI certified hospitals in Asia that specializes in oncology treatment. The hospital offers a wide spectrum of diagnostic tests, advanced treatment for radiation and chemotherapy and palliative care for the positive outcome. There is a close collaboration between specialists in the different fields of oncology such as medical, surgical, haematological, radiation and pediatric to provide the best cancer treatments in the world.

2. Raffles Hospital

Raffles Hospital

Address: 585 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188770

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Raffles Hospital, the JCI certified flagship hospital of Raffles Medical Group is a one-stop healthcare center offering comprehensive medical services according to the needs of the patient. This best cancer hospital in the world is highly preferred by foreigners looking for cancer treatment for its innovative and world-class expertise. The team of highly experienced medical specialists has the knowledge and skill to treat all types of cancers –solid tumors and haematological malignancies.

3. Gleneagles Hospital

Gleneagles Hospital

Address: 6A Napier Road, Singapore 258500

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Gleneagles Hospital, a 258 bed JCI accredited hospital houses a wide spectrum of medical and surgical specialties. It is ranked among the top 10 cancer hospitals in the world for its innovative, holistic cancer treatment using the most advanced technologies for excellent clinical outcomes. For the benefit of international patients, they have set up The Gleneagles Hospital Patient Assistance Centre wherein the staff looks into all the special needs of the patients.

Best Cancer Hospital in MALAYSIA

Malaysia is not only famous for its rainforests and beaches but is also the most preferred destination for medical tourists looking for quality treatment at reasonable prices.

Millions of tourists come here for various treatments with cosmetic surgery, cancer treatment and dental work topping the list. Patients from developed countries flock here as the healthcare cost is quite exorbitant in their country and also there is a long waiting list.

Patients looking for the best cancer treatment centres in the world prefer coming here as it offers world-class treatment with many hospitals having an entire wing dedicated to international tourists.

World's best cancer hospitals in Malaysia:

1. Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital

Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital

Address: Jalan Bulan, Fettes Park, 11200, Tanjong Bungah, Penang, Malaysia

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Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital is an exclusive non-profit catholic hospital that serves cancer people of all nationality with compassion, love and respect with adherence to medical principles, efficiency and safety. Today, Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital is not only one of the leading hospitals in Malaysia but is considered as most affordable and best cancer hospital in world, offering a wide range of services and having the latest cutting-edge technology and diagnostic equipment.

2. Value of Medical Center

Value of Medical Center
Address: PT 13717, Jalan BBN 2/1, 71800 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan Darul Special, Malaysia

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Nilai Medical Center is a private medical hospital focusing on cancer treatment and clinical research. Over the years, the hospital has established itself as the best cancer center in the world for its innovative oncology treatments in precision radiotherapy and immunotherapy using vaccine therapy and cell therapies.

3. Beacon International Specialist Centre

Beacon International Specialist Centre
Address: Jalan 215, Section 51, Off Jalan Templer Petaling Jaya Selangor 46050 Malaysia

Enquire Now

Beacon International Specialist Centre is a boutique hospital that has evolved over the years to become a cancer specialist hospital. This hospital prides itself to be one of the best cancer hospitals in world for its comprehensive cancer treatment that includes chemotherapy, radiotherapy (using LINAC), Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy using Cyber Knife, surgery, immunotherapy and targeted therapy.

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