What is the cost of Partial knee replacement surgery in India?

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  • It is little difficult to tell you the exact cost but the cost of partial knee replacement cost ranges from Rs. 1,80,000 to Rs. 4,15,000.
  • Partial knee replacement cost depends on various factors such as:
  1. Hospital (whether it is a government hospital or private hospital)
  2. The city in which the hospital is situated
  3. Types of implant used
  4. Surgery approach (traditional approach or minimally invasive approach)
  5. The overall cost of your surgery can increase due to additional costs such as medical tests that you need to undergo before and after surgery, medicines prescribed and physiotherapy cost.

All these factors together will decide the total cost for your partial knee replacement surgery. To have a better understanding, you can read our blog: Knee replacement surgery cost in India.

Hope our answer helps you. You can find more surgeons through our page - Knee Replacement Surgeon in India.