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painful lump in chest male?

Hi, I was diagnosed with Grade-1 Chondrosarcoma at my right Iliac Crest. A wide excision surgery was done with all margins free. After 6 months I have a lump with pain and redness at my right chest wall and a lump like structure in my armpit. I took augmentin 1g and the pain and redness on the chest went away but the lump is still there on the chest and armpit. Can you advice me what can be the scenario. I had my chest xray and pelvic x ray done a month ago and everything was fine. Can it be normal infection or something else.

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Dr. Mukesh Carpenter

General Surgeon

9 years of experience

Answered on 12th May 2022

Please  get the FNAC (Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology) done
General & Onco Surgeon: if inconclusive then excision biopsy to be done

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8 years of experience

Answered on 11th April 2022

It can be an infection but the lump if palpable get a needle biopsy done with CT thorax/MRI. consult a surgeon as the the problem needs to be evaluated 

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